The Leviathan Network

The Leviathan Network

The Planar Excursion thread hints at this, but it hasn't explicitly been explained, so everyone should know because we all have access to it.

The quest is set a year in the past because, even if we fail then, we can try again until we are victorious, so it's assumed that we have successfully captured the Queen. Now, due to magic, she is forever lost to her formian hive and now a permanent fixture of House Camcarneyar, giving us the benefit of a 50 mile web of telepathy with Mindsight as a bonus. Now, while it won't track anyone with access to mindblank, it's very hard to mindblank an entire army or a small task force, so movement information of the masses will be invaluable, even if it regards other Houses.

The Leviathan Network - FeaturesProgramming:
Respond only to telepathic communication.
Respond only to members of House Camcarneyar.
Continuously pay attention to and tabulate the Mindsight data. (It's not like she has anything else to do in her sensory deprivation alcove.)
Answer precisely the questions of anyone with the access password. Give estimates only when estimates are requested.
Remember the mind-position of everybody in House Camcarneyar. (Basically repeating to herself "this dot is Ilivarra, this dot is Vel'drizyne, this dot is etc" even when they go out.)
Constantly send blank telepathic communications to everybody within House Camcarneyar.
Obey the relay-commands of any member of House Camcarneyar.
Give an immediate telepathic alert to the Matron whenever a group of five or more non-Camcarneyar individuals come within 100ft of Camcarneyar's boundaries.

User's Manual
Password - If you are a High Priestess, or the Matron, or just someone they trust, you have the access password and can ask Leviathan questions about her Mindsight data. An info-dump on everyone in fifty miles is usually unhelpful, so ask specific questions like "are there any groups of three or more individuals of the X type in this area?" or "give me continued updates on the movements of individuals around X" or "are there any groups upwards of fifty individuals in a concentrated area anywhere (i.e. are there armies out to kill us)?"

Everyone - Leviathan is programmed to constantly send out blank telepathic communications - or if this doesn't work, a small and very quiet "beep" every second. This is a kind of psionic "ping" that ensures all members of House Camcarneyar are in constant contact. Whenever and wherever you want, you can reply to the psionic ping telepathically (since telepathy is two-way) with a question (if you're Passworded) or a message to relay to someone else. If it's a message (e.g. "To Matron: I've been captured by surfacers, they're planning to attack the city!") Leviathan will receive it and send a telepathic message to your designate recipient repeating your message.
The Leviathan system was developed by Dandy - I'm simply brining it over here for our House in this new game.

The Faerzress is known to interfere or even enhance the Network on some days, but otherwise it is always active and stable.

Note: Any comments or questions, feel free to bring them up in the OOC instead of posting here.

From Drowbane:

"The only flaw with the Leviathan Network (and I believe I mentioned this to Dandy, I might have forgotten to) is that Telepathy does not ignore Line of Effect completely. In an early House Rule to prevent Mindsight from being too good, I applied a limitation borrowed from Detect Magic. "... The spell can penetrate barriers, but 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it."

Faerzress would also be disruptive in a chaotic fashion. Some days it might enhance your range, and others it might cut it short of block it completely.

And Mind Blank completely shuts down Mindsight, but not general telepathy. As the former is somewhat intrusive and tries to "detect things about you", while telepathy in general is rather passive.

Note: Menzoberranzan is roughly 2 miles below the surface."

Addendum: "From Underdark: Menzoberranzan.... It lies about 2 miles under the Surbrin Vale, between Moonwood and the Frost Hills. The city occupies an irregularly shaped cavern more than 2 miles wide at its widest point. The ceiling is 1000ft high, and..."

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That's why they must never learn of it...
If they have a Ned, they will.

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