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Hunting a Paragon Great Wyrm

Hunting a Paragon Great Wyrm

The Rules
  • The Great Paragon Wyrm (Ithamar) makes a post- Somewhere, anywhere on the site in a discussion he is already having or in a thread he wants to comment towards or an opinion he wants to chime in on
  • This post will contain a Dragon like action "The Paragon Great Wyrm breathes a blast of hot magma" or "The PGW flaps it's wings, taking to the air!" The Dragon may make 2 such posts in any 48 hour block, but both posts must occur within five minutes of the other. E.G Every 48 hours, if not found, the Dragon heals 2 Hit Points. It MUST be stated here that two actions have been taken and the Hunters may begin their "Search and Destroy" mission. The Post must be separate from the context of the thread but may have some formatting, a lot or no formatting to hint at its presence. The Dragon can decide if he is feeling adventurous enough that day to taunt the hunters.
  • The Post must not derail a thread and must contain content aimed at furthering that threads discussion
  • The Post must not be in a Private thread or use Private tags, however OOC tags are acceptable.
  • The Hunters must seek out the Wyrm
  • The Hunters MUST NOT use Ithamar's Posting History, doing so is considered poor form and will result in disqualification if found to be doing so
  • If The Dragon has not been found within 48 hours of his initial action (Stated in this thread) he heals a Point of Damage.
  • If the Dragon IS found, the Player posts the link to the Dragon here and Ithamar responds with a Dragon Like action containing something similar to "The Wyrm roars in fury as the shot/strike/cut stings his flesh"
  • That player then edits their Dragon Hunter signature accordingly (In your signature thread please place Dragon Hunter (1) or Dragon Hunter (14) depending on how many posts you have "caught"
  • If you find and link a post, Ithamar takes 1 point of Damage
  • Ithamar has 100 Hit Points
  • If taken down to 0 Hit Points Ithamar claims in this thread that he is "Dead" Then each player states their totals, the highest total at the end of the Hunt is declared Hunter Extrodinaire.
  • Players must NEVER comment in a thread where the Dragon has posted his action unless it contributes to that particular discussion
  • The only place that discussion of The Hunt should take place is this thread
  • Ithamar has final say over all "Hits" as to who hit him first

  • Sir Johnathon "Shazam" Regenald, Sergeant of Her Majesties army, Dragon Slayers arm
  • Brigadier General Prestidigitationer of Her Majesties army, Dragon Slayers arm
  • Madame Bella La'Rouge, "The Fox" of Paris. Ruckus Fox (Ruckus)
  • Redmega?
  • Sir Matthew "MadMannered" Johnson, Private of Her Majesties army, Dragon Slayers arm

The ferocious Paragon Great Wyrms

He also shouldn't be allowed to post in a private thread that only he can see (Probably a given, but I'm putting it out there anyway)

I think a person should post the time that they found the link as to avoid arguments as to who found the link first, and maybe Ithamar himself should have the final say seeing as he was the one who posted it.

I have to include a spoiler? Aww, that makes it sooooo much easier to spot the posts then. I was hoping to get to be sneakier than that.

I assume using [private] tags is out then?

I'll add No private threads.

Also... You are right on account of the Spoilers. Alright. The text has to be separate to the Post but not contained within a spoiler.

I'll add that too.

Cleverly placed is largely redundant due to that the Dragon Action must be separate to the content of the post pertaining to the thread.

Simply because it may appear as a slightly derailment to the thread if Ithamar randomly throws "I breathe fire across the land" in the middle of a sentence saying "Five soldiers died fighting stoically in Iraq".

However I WILL add that OOC tags are acceptable.

should we have a list of participants or does that defeat the purpose of a non sequitur game?

I would presume if one raises their hand I can edit it into the first post.

You know what'll get interesting? When other Paragon Great Wyrms start popping up and we add them to the list of Wyrms. :-| I am excited by this prospect.

I'll throw up Shazam, MadMannered as players so far as I know they're confirmed hunters. Anyone else, let me know, Ithamar shall be listed as (at the moment) the only Paragon Great Wyrm.


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