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Hunting a Paragon Great Wyrm

Don't suppose if I could have a more British Dapper Title? Such as Sargent Johnathon "Shazam" Regenald, former soldier of Her Highness' Royal Forces during the African Colonial Conflicts, returned with stories of the dark continent of fearsome animals, treacherous lands, and insidious natives? You know...maybe make a story out of it for the fun of it?

Edit: Also when should this start, I mean two is nice but I'd think maybe 5 would be a rather jolly good hunting party

Let's run with 5. Two is a bit sad... We'd likely be eaten. British Dapper Title on the way!

Preferred title my gentleperson friend?

I think a title should be optional, as well as a story, I'm doing it for the fact I think the image of a old British soldier hunting a dragon would be cool to see.

The Hunt has been joined. We have four brave hunters. Five if RedMega considers themselves a member.

Sound the bugle old boy and let's get this hunt started, eh what, what?

Originally Posted by Lady Kakita Ayame View Post
This can only end in tears.
Indeed, tears...of Joy, for what is a more gentlemanly thing to do than travel into the great unknown, grab Mother Nature by the stones and tell her "You're not the boss of me!!!"....of course a gentleman would never say or do such a thing to a lady, even a figurative one such as the personification of outdoors. Overall this is a test, Man vs. Fly Reptilian ....thing, not too sure where a dragon would fall in the animal kingdom, but it's a test I plan on passing with flying colors...of the Union Jack, now come on boys for queen and country! *runs off with his trusty elephant rifle and saber, and beagle Spottie*


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