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Hunting a Paragon Great Wyrm

I have a sudden urge to run an 1880s Earth campaign with Brittish elephant hunters ending up facing off against a dragon (hey, I didn't say it would be a long campaign!).

certainly would be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved that for sure

.....I really, really, really do want to run a 1980's game with Dragons now.

Steam Punk.

But the muskets and elephant rifles would do sizeable enough damage to really worry a dragon if Group hunting..... Sabers and Spears would also be more effective.

Also, this:

Indeed, tears...of Joy, for what is a more gentlemanly thing to do than travel into the great unknown, grab Mother Nature by the stones and tell her "You're not the boss of me!!!"....of course a gentleman would never say or do such a thing to a lady, even a figurative one such as the personification of outdoors. Overall this is a test, Man vs. Fly Reptilian ....thing, not too sure where a dragon would fall in the animal kingdom, but it's a test I plan on passing with flying colors...of the Union Jack, now come on boys for queen and country! *runs off with his trusty elephant rifle and saber, and beagle Spottie*
I wet my briefs with laughter.

We still need one more Hunter. Then Ithamar can choose any time within a 24 hour period from the post to make his Wyrm's action. It would be ideal, I think, to not have Ithamar post here in this thread until an hour after he has made his post. Otherwise one could scrawl through the most recent threads in each forum and see Ithamar's name on the first page or as the "Last Posted by" User.

I really should like, signiture that or something; Anyway, I was sure that Lady Kakita Ayame wanted to play or maybe I was incorrect?

I saw "This can only end in tears" but no "I'll play".

I'll list her as a possibility.

Madame Bella La'Rouge, "The Fox" of Paris.

That still makes four...

Ah Noah, me lad. You'll be requiring another 40,000 posts before you can take that title I'm afraid. You've got to earn the legend!

I don't know maybe he could be like the equivalent of shooting an Indian Elephant; pretty impressive thing to do, but you know in comparison to an African Elephant not so much. I think we should give him the chance, not often someone asks to have target put on them, besides the more of them flying around the more I get to shoot...everyone wins....that matters.

Alright, I'll fly that.

Now this crops up another game matter though. Shall we dispose of signature "Dragon Hunter (4)"

As, if there's two, you would need "Dragon Hunter: (4I) and (6N)" to show Noah and Ithamar respectively.


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