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Hunting a Paragon Great Wyrm

I guess the second one seeing as it'll help all of us keep track of damage and for the fun conversations of Player 1: "Alright shot the blighter inbetween the eyes" Player 2: "But not after I turned him into a lead cushion".

Noah has been added.

One more individual to the hunt then Ithamar can leave his nest and begin terrorising the Weave.

thought Lady Kakita Ayame was playing...

You've said that twice now

Still no mention on her part of wanting to take part. I'm waiting for a response from her.

So...this is happening after all? I feel like Santa just told me I can't play with my toys.

:C I'm scared. Someone hold me.

um...It's kinda on the fence, Madmanners I believe is under the impression that we had to stop so I'm not sure...I on the other hand am looking to turn this into a traditional RPG

Uhhhh.......... I'm extremely confused right now. What's the status of this game?


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