Here is the place for your applications. Please remember: 150/75/5 mundane Spring Creek teenager (15-17) and a 500 CP page with powers.

Name: Geoffrey Lewis


Description: Geoff is a large man standing just over six foot tall, and weighing over 200 pounds but nearly all of it is muscle. He holds himself in a very stout manner and has a somewhat intimidating presence. Geoff keeps his hair short, and sports a short but scruffy beard as shaving is not something he wastes his time with. He has hazel eyes which are never the same color twice, and has a twinge of red in his brown hair reflecting this same trait. He nearly always has a baseball cap on with a nice pair of sunglasses either over his eyes or his cap. Geoff always carries his knife in the pocket of his cargo pants along with a flashlight and other various gear that others wouldn't deem necessary. Unless its cool out he will just wear a t-shirt and possibly an overshirt, saving pullover hoodies for winter.

Personality: Geoff is a product of Boy Scouting, and being raised up in a strict household. He is very honest and is a gentleman, but when it gets to the nitty gritty don't take him for a push over. As it is times like these which are rare for him and he loves to take advantage of the liberties that come with serious situations, often times to other people's surprise. He is a born leader, but is not an domineering person so even if he is in a situation where he is a more fit leader he will do what he sees fit without interfering with others. Geoff lives by what he learned through his extensive scouting career, he often gets ridiculed for it but more often than not it saves other people trouble. He carries on him at all times things that others deem unimportant such as: duct tape, a knife, flashlight, water, and twine. Geoff is young at an age of seven-teen but he knows his limits and that he is a lot more capable then others would think.

Background: Geoff was born in New York to a normal enough family. He lived there until he was eight when Geoff moved to Spring Creek, his parents couldn't afford to live so close to the city and wanted to move. Geoff never content with the move or his parents in general took to the outdoors more so than others. Once he moved he started cub scouts and moved on to Boy Scouts when he was of the age. In school he certaintly wasn't a popular kid, but everyone knew him and left him alone. It wasn't so much that the kids didn't like him, just that they respected his domineering size. Geoff knew he was big, and if people tried bothering him, well he would let them know too. Geoff was well recieved by his teachers, who all thought of him as respectful and rather intelligent. The only problem is that he wasn't interested in school apart from art class, so even though he was smarter the most of the school his grades didn't reflect it. A big part of his free time was spent with his dog, Titus, a 100 pound German shepherd. Whenever he wasn't playing with Titus or on a campout he would draw or hangout with the neighborhood kids. About his junior year Geoff really got in rough with his parents about grades and they kicked him out of the house. He spent nearly a month in the woods living off what fish he could catch, and the few hours he managed to pick up from the recently acquired grocery stocking job. His parents eventually took him back when he reached Eagle Scout on his own. When so much of the attention was drawn on to the family his parents didn't know how to explain the situation. He has been living back at home now for a few months and he is trying his best not to just run off and finish out school.

Sheet:Geoffry Lewis

Proposed powers:
360 vision-25
altered Time rate-100
acute sense sight-lvl 5-10
damage resistance-lvl 20(-40% tough skin)-60
danger sense-15
ehanced dodge-15
enhanced time since-45
high pain threshold-10
hyperspectral vision-25
perfect balance-15
super jump-lvl 2-20pt
16 extra ST-160pt

Jason Markowski
Age: 16 (birthday: August 8, 1995)
Guardians: Barbara (61) and Fred (63) Tablak, maternal grandparents

Concept: Boyscout, JV quarterback, and 'good guy'. He'll start with a broad smattering of random skills from his boy scout merit-badge activities, plus a focus on his sports skills (Sports, Running, Throwing). From a poor background, he will start the game focused on getting a scholarship in order to be able to afford to go to college (grades, sports and other extra-curricular activities). Powers will probably center around kinetic energy (TK-like) and a lot of minor time-like abilities (precog adding luck and super-visualization, enhanced defenses, etc).

Jason was born just outside Chicago, and lived there for the first 10 years of his life; his father was in and out of jail, but his mom (who eventually separated from the deadbeat and worked multiple part-time and unfailingly short-lived jobs to support them) was full of love and cared for the bright young boy even in the midst of their difficult situation. She was, at heart, what people would refer to as 'a good soul'. When he was just 9, his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer - caught late, and without the necessary insurance to treat it, she suffered a long wasting illness over the next year, passing away early in the summer before his 11th birthday.

Soon after his mother's death, Jason moved to Spring Creek to live with his maternal grandparents - Fred and Barb. They didn't have a lot of money, but were willing to help raise young Jay. In the first few months, he was overcome with pain and anger, lashing out at the world that so unjustly stole his mother away from him. But his grandparents persevered, and eventually won through the boy's abraded shell. Their caring nature reminded Jason of his mother in the years before she got sick - as he learned to deal with the pain of his mother's death (which only highlighted his father's absence), he also learned to embody that same nature, seeing the good and caring part of people underneath their pain. In a way, it was how he decided to keep her memory alive. It was also Barb and Fred that delivered dire warnings about following in either his mother's or father's footsteps...

College. College was the way out.

Understanding that he needs to go to college in order to escape the viscous cycle that trapped both his mother (unemploy-ability, lack of security and insurance) and his father (a life of crime), Jason has turned an eye towards earning a scholarship to the best university that he can - he has piled on several extracurricular activities (all which he enjoys, but which take more and more of his time): Football (in the fall), Baseball (in the spring), the local Boy Scouts troop, volunteer activities (including occasionally helping Father Tom and Sister Angelica at the orphanage), and various other endeavors. Though he has an ulterior motive with his activities, he is honestly good natured, and likes to help people - it's well known throughout town that if you need a hand with something, Jay is the kid to turn to.

Jay has been dealing with questions of mortality and spirituality - questions haunting him since his mother's death. He recently completely the BSA's 'Religions of the World' merit badge (which included trips to a Synagogue, a Buddhist temple, and a Mosque, none of them in Spring Creek itself), which brought many of his earlier questions to the forefront. Recently he has been attending services at the town's churches in a rotation that has him attending a different denomination every Sunday, looking for answers...

As for his father - Jay doesn't know where the man is and cares little. Influenced by his mother's attitude years earlier, he believes the absent criminal to be nothing but bad news and has little filial piety for the man.


(In progress, making edits from original layout - the point totals aren't correct - are SLIGHTLY over - at the moment but will get in line over the next day or two.)
It seems like there is *some* overlap with Geoff, but I don't think we'll step on each others' toes too much.
Also, I just re-discovered the wall / force object section in Powers, and have to dig into that a little more closely.

Comments and concerns welcome.


A few questions:
-Since supers games can be wildly unabalanced, is there a basic "threat level" that we should be prepared for (whether it is being armored up for it, or being able to avoid / heal equivalent attacks) or a damage threshold we shouldn't go over?

-I have assumed that we get English (native), Cultural Familiarity: Western, and AK: Spring Creek (1 CP) for free - please let me know if that is incorrect.

-Are we allowed to take Super-type Disadvantages? Are they included in the 75 CP, or is there a separate Disad limit once we receive our powers? (Or can we, say, make our 'mortal' character w/ -50 CP and add -25 when we get powers?)

I don't think our powers overlap too much at all, Geoff is more of a brick/scout where It would seem Jay is a utility/support/throwing buildings at people kind of build. (Joke not insult btw)

What, his ST 65 for throwing is too much? =)
(I will say that it *is* limited to what he can pick up with his ST 12 - the idea is that his TK gives it a boost as he throws it). Wait until football season... ("And, passing for 623 yards in the first half of the game, JV quarterback Jason Markowski!")

I feel like we're both slightly brick-ish, although Geoff is more solidly in that realm and will take more of a beating than Jason. 5 or 6 powers duplicated fairly closely, and a couple of them duplicated effectively (for example, I may not have 360degree vision, but my duplicate exists in a diffuse swarm 50 yards in radius, and can perceive anything from any single point in that radius - and as importantly, use powers from any point in that radius...!)

Maybe it's something about the scouting life?

This is the application for Leonard McKinsey.

Reia Heyes

Name: Reia Hayes
Age: 17
Appearance: Reia likes to wear black leather studded with metal, and torn jeans, all of which have the label "Kiss This" on their seat. She's rather plain-looking, and the application of black lipstick and dyed hair, while tasteful, makes her seem like she's overcompensating. She has a body that lacks athletic development.
Background: Reia found herself at Morning Dove Orphanage at the age of six. She has a vague memory of being told that her parents are dead, but she doesn't know who said it or any other details, and if anyone in Spring Creek knows, they've kept it to themselves. She was a cheerful and assertive child, who easily made age-appropriate friends, though she also had a tendency to pick on other kids. Being very intelligent, she's flirting with the idea of atheism and quickly grew to distrust Father Tom and Sister Angelica, despite having been given no reason to do so.

As she grew older, her true nature surfaced. She was discontent, rebellious, and a natural leader, which combined with her sharp mind and ability to easily pick up new talents, meant trouble. In 7th grade she fell in with a crowd of girls who she felt she identified with, they had no place to belong but with each other and the world just couldn't understand them. They were given several warnings and suspensions for bullying, but the bigger problem is that they all smoked, and they all stole. Reia felt out of her element in a way that she hadn't in a long time. With a brilliant mind, she concluded quickly that their destructive behavior was pointless. But they had become her friends, she couldn't abandon them, and she couldn't challenge their ways as a newcomer into their group. But soon, she discovered something amazing. These girls all had talents, that they overlooked, or were discouraged from using. They just needed a little inspiration.

In High School none of her friends were bullies or thieves any longer. They had all embraced their intellect and creativity upon her encouragement, and she was helping many of them to succeed commercially in their chosen arts and teach their skills to less talented members of the crew. They still emphasized the Goth culture because they considered it a good fit for loners, outcasts, and misfits, and a good source of inspiration. She was never acknowledged as their leader, but their friendship was deep enough that they trusted her implicitly.

Now she's made enough money to move out of the orphanage, and is living with three of her friends, two who are also orphans and a third who was a victim of an abusive household. She's become fairly talented at selling her friends work over the internet, and receives a cut of the profit for it. For her own part she's trying to become commercially successful herself, and is working to complete both a book of poetry, and a fictional work about vampires that is currently untitled.

Originally Posted by joppeknol View Post
I am open to suggestions for his powers. I thought he could be a brick with control over computers, but if there are already enough bricks, I can try to think of something else.
Isn't one of Spring Creek's defining characteristics the fact that there aren't many computers/cellphones?

Originally Posted by Connington View Post
Isn't one of Spring Creek's defining characteristics the fact that there aren't many computers/cellphones?
Krys told me too. I changed the super powers part now. He is now an invisible brick with healing powers.


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