-Since supers games can be wildly unabalanced, is there a basic "threat level" that we should be prepared for (whether it is being armored up for it, or being able to avoid / heal equivalent attacks) or a damage threshold we shouldn't go over?
With 500 CP you'll probably not be able to shrug off everything that will come for you. You'll probably not face nukes or FAEs or other similar large area blasts. My usual suggestion is: always be ready to outrun or outsmart your enemy, because you'll for sure not always be able to outgun or outarmor them.
-I have assumed that we get English (native), Cultural Familiarity: Western, and AK: Spring Creek (1 CP) for free - please let me know if that is incorrect.

-Are we allowed to take Super-type Disadvantages? Are they included in the 75 CP, or is there a separate Disad limit once we receive our powers? (Or can we, say, make our 'mortal' character w/ -50 CP and add -25 when we get powers?)
Hmm, depends on what kind of disadvantages you talk about. I intentionally didn't give a limit for disads for the second CP allotement, but all disadvantages have to be brought by me, and some might be very crippling.


Just to confirm your house rules, IQ is 20 points, and is separate from Will and Per (which cost an additional 5 CP each), correct?

So IQ 12 Will 12 Per 12 would actually cost me 60 CP total...

(I ask b/c I've seen it both ways in apps, and want to make sure I'm on the right page)

Nope Pablo, here it is mostly as in RAW: IQ includes Per and Will, but secondary attributes do not count against disad limit. So as of now IQ 12 Will 12 Per 12 will cost you 40 CP here. I'm still trying to find the best solution. In Rosa I made a specific statement about IQ cost, not here. Of course if you suggest that we adapt the increased IQ cost from Rosa, I'm open for suggestions.

Nope, that's fine! (For some reason I hadn't seen your 'costs are unchanged from RAW' when I looked at the house rules section) I understand the reasoning, but especially in a superheros game, like that they are all packaged together.

Thanks for keeping RAW for Per/Will, Krys. I don't know why, but for some reason that house rule always trips my "getting too complicated!" reaction (an irrational response, to be sure, given the crazy math in the rest of the character generation system).

Highly relevant for superpowers purchase: you are using RPK's "Costs Fatigue is worth -10 percent per level" rather than the RAW's -5? And Rose may be quite happy with "Slams use ST when possible"....

I almost took the "Second-Nature" enhancement for Enhanced Move in my other Allison proposal. It's totally cool but (therefore) extremely expensive....

Yes, I use the changed costs fatigue cost, as I agree with RPK in this point. Actually I do agree with him in most points. But I'll not force a rule (changed IQ cost) on you that would completely change around your existing chars. In Rosa or 2die4 it was ok, as it was MY game from the start. Here, well let's say I'd call for a majority vote to use it under this conditions.

Some questions while working up my character's powers:

1) From Lethal Electrical Damage: GURPS Basic, pg 432:
Lethal electric shocks inflict burning damage: only 1d-3 to 3d around the house, but 6d on up for lightning, transmission lines, etc.
Are these guidelines accurate for your game, so that I have some idea of what levels to buy attacks and defenses at?

2) How would I go about buying immunity to non-damage electrical effects (stunning, heart attacks, etc.) I was thinking Immunity to Metabolic Hazards (Limited: Only those hazards generated by electrical effects), but didn't know what percentage the Limitation should be worth. Would this be the best way to buy it, or there be another way you would prefer?

3) Shapeshifting (Alternate Form) doesn't have an Enhancement allowing you to 'absorb' items (like clothing) when you change form. The Shapeshifting spells generally allow up to 6 lbs of non-enchanted gear to change with them, to account for normal clothing, etc. Would an Enhancement with the same limitations be allowed, and, if so, what would it cost?

4) My character will have an Energy Reserve (GURPS Powers, pg 119), and some of his abilities will have a Limitation: Accessibility (Only when Energy Reserve is at half full or above), to indicate a 'supercharged' state. His ER will have Special Recharge (Only within 5 yards of an active power grid or other electrical source). What would be appropriate costs for these Limitations?

All for now, probably more to follow.

LB: In response to No. 3, check out Absorptive Change, page 75 of Powers.

Kryss, Powers question: Let's say I bumped Justin up to Super Jump 7. He'd be able to jump about 55 yards in combat with no prep time, assuming he didn't hit his head against a low ceiling or something. Could I take 1/10th of that number, or 5 yards, as a free Step? Rev. Pee Kitty said that would be reasonable, if it required a roll against Jumping everytime. If allowed, I'd take a No Nuisance Roll perk, since Justin would have Jumping 16. It all seems more than reasonable for a 58 point investment.

No Nuisance roll never applies to combat, stealth, or investigation.

True, but there's nothing saying official saying that using your Super-Jump for a Step requires a skill roll, or even that using Super-Jump in that way is legal. I'm asking for a house rule that both GURPS line editors said would be reasonable, and I presented the most conservative version of their suggestions.


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