So I think the other option of taking insubstantial linked with possession and with the accessibility limitation (only while body is vacant) is a better one. How much is that worth as a limitation?

Injury Tolerance (Diffuse) would solve the damage problem with Permeation... but is awfully expensive.

Insubstantiality is going to need some or all of Can Carry Objects (+10 to +100 depending on encumbrance level), Ghost Air (+10), and No Vertical Move (-10). Instead of that latter one, since the insubstantial body is "stuck to" the possessed body, does that mean there's a Temporary Disadvantage of Legless (-30 plus the points from buying down Basic Move to 0)? Yow, this is getting complicated....

Also note that, if Reia doesn't re-materialize her own body before making another Possession attempt, she'll be at -3 for using a psi ability on substantial targets while insubstantial. Of course, no roll is required for puppets, right?

Since there seem to be several GURPS rule gurus in attendance here, I'd like to ask about the proper use of the Link enhancement. With it, it seems to me, Reia could simultaneously become Insubstantial and engage Possession. Without the enhancement, though, don't the two advantages have to be activated one at a time? (I suppose one could also take Reduced Time to make the one-second activation into a free action... but Link is cheaper....)

? You'll not find a vacant body. I see the following possibilities:

Insubstantiability (only while possessing -25%) [60]
Possession ( Spiritual -20%, Mindlink Required -40%, Puppet Only -30%, Assimilation +10%) [20]
Affliction (Disadvantage (Reprogrammable) -10%, Permanent +300%, Immediate Preparation require (8 hrs) -120%, Melee -30%, only on voluntary -50% female -20% humans -40%) [13]
Summa: [93]
Possession (Telecontrol 2 +100%, Mindlink Required -40%, Puppet Only -30%, Assimilation +10%)[140]
Compartmentalized Mind [50]
Affliction (Disadvantage (Reprogrammable) -10%, Permanent +300%, Immediate Preparation require (8 hrs) -120%, Melee -30%, only on voluntary -50% female -20% humans -40%) [13]
Summa: [203]
Well there are more options ... The first is what you asked for, the second would allow your original body to stay active.

First, what is this affliction business?

Second, I meant I could only use insubstantiality when my own body is vacant.

Originally Posted by Krys View Post
Connington Permeation would have been my answer as well, but ERS doesn't want to take the damage I assume. AND: the host body has to be greater than the hosted body. Do you realy think Reia would like to run around as a 200 lbs goth girl?
I don't see anything saying that the thing you're using Permeation to meld with has to be bigger than you, just a lot of rules for when objects are bigger than you.

Anyways, couldn't you just (with the GM's permission of course) apply Cosmic: Never Gets Wounded (+50%) to the Permeation? It doesn't seem gramebreaky.

If he uses Permeation, the Possession would by necessity be Parasitic:

Parasitic: You enter your host’s body physically. You must have Permeation (Flesh) (p. 75) to do this, unless your host has sufficient Payload (p. 74) to contain you – and your victim must have a higher Size Modifier than you. After entering your victim’s body, you may attempt to possess him. He resists with the higher of HT or Will. You aren’t forced out if you lose, but he is “immune” to you, so you need to find another host soon. While you are in someone else’s body,
he (if he is still uncontrolled) or his friends might be able to use technological means to detect you – and possibly remove you. Attacks that penetrate or ignore your host’s DR can injure you, but his HP act as extra DR for this purpose. If you are microbial, you should purchase Injury Tolerance (Diffuse) (p. 60), which will protect you. The host nourishes you, and may
have to eat extra food as a result. You can choose to leave at any time, the same way you entered. You may also temporarily release your host while continuing occupation. If you do, you will have to win a new Quick Contest to regain control. -60%.
Invulnerability doesn't come cheap, sorry.

ERS, the affliction I wrote up, is to get new puppets.

That would be cheaper than the following, but also more complicated.

Chronic: When you exit a host, you can leave a "back door" that lets you possess him again without a quick contest. This lets you buy your former host as a Puppet. You can only use this enhancement if you have enough unspent points to buy a Puppet at the time you leave your host.

Originally Posted by Krys View Post
If he uses Permeation, the Possession would by necessity be Parasitic
Oh. I was assuming that he used Telecontrol, but left his body "parked" in permeated mode.

If you use chronic, you can't use "puppets only". Plus you've got the danger of someone getting immune.

In the end, it's up to you. teher are several ways to pull that stunt, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.,

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