Connington, could you, well like take a look at the chars? Maybe some mixup, or inefficency slips by me.

Of course I'd like to ask everyone to help develop the chars (especially the powers part) together, so that nobody feels left behind. Plus developing the chars together helps to find synergies and round out the team.

Oh, concerning the timetable: I assume we'll need at least 3 days to work over the chars. I hope we can finish everything over this weekend, and start playing next week.

OK; this might come very late, so don't stone me.

I just remembered an optional rule, that might help with your chars: multiplicative modifiers. What do you think about them? If we'd use them you'd probably have to recalculate your whole powers concept. On the plus side: when used with high powered chars they usually make for much more well rounded chars. Input please.

bumping it, as a quick decision on multiplicative modifiers might save you a lot of work.

I am slightly against it, because of the added complexity of computation, but I can live with it (I see GCS has this option).

I don't think it's more complicated to compute it, it's just different. I think once you get the hang of it it's a piece of cake. And on the plus side, it saves you points.

I believe GCS also handles multiplicative modifiers (though it does have some trouble with shapeshifting -- which I think I've figured out how to circumvent, more or less).

If it gives more points, I'm for it. :-)

GCS has a miscomputation, with Multiplicative modifiers, but it is rather obvious, so you should be safe.

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