Non Sequitur

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Thread Not Related!

Thread Not Related!

Post that stuff that should not ever be.

Thread Rules:

1) The weirder the better.

Anything in the realm of "internet brain damage" is acceptable (provided it doesn't violate TOS), but to some extent should be considered "quality" brain damage, meaning posting something that is just obnoxious and terrible like this should be avoided. Of course we all need to use our judgement.

To be clear, this should not be your favorite stuff you share with everyone. This is the stuff that gives you chills or freaks you out or is in some other way not at all normal.

2) Only 1 item per post, you may not post twice in a row.

This is to give everyone a variety of strange and horrible things on the net and not make the thread too one sided if someone happens to specialize in finding this sort of internet horror.

3) To add to the thread you must survive all of the other previous posts.

Why would you expect anyone to view your post if you didn't view theirs? Also this ensures we don't end up with repeat content.

4) Nothing should exceed a reasonable time frame of a single 9 min youtube video, pics are welcome, or even flash games/movies, songs, websites or other media. If something is posted that exceeds 5 min after you reach the 5 min mark you are good to go to view the next challenge.

5) If you are concerned about wasting too much time on the internet or rotting your brain with mental junk food then this is not the thread for you.


Trololo Sing Along! Bonus points if you sing along!

Kael this isn't the opposition thread, this is something completely different... You're supposed to post a bit of content for the next user.

No, I consider his post a perfectly valid example of internet brain damage.

Anyway, here's one. Just jump to 2:50 and enjoy.

What frightens me most is that I'm 99.99% certain that there are people in at least four different countries that have masturbated to this.



Apparently this guy is FAMOUS over seas...but...the movie just makes my assume the Thinker be fair, the music is pretty interesting. But...what am I watching?

She um...she fakes orgasms better than anyone I know...and she's doing it with a sponge used for art. Wow.

Awesome Center, Under the Awesome

The Rainbow Sponge lady seemed on some LSD bad trip. But I must say the same about those who commited the "Awesome Center, Under the Awesome"...

If Winnie the Pooh is not Brain Damaging enough, watch him and his pals singing this...

Step one: right down a math problem, then without skipping, watch THIS in entirety (no skipping or looking away).

Step two: immediately try and solve the math problem. Include results in your next post

Also those were great posts above I see great potential ITT


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