Cody Lockett

Cody Lockett

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Jack Lockett is a drunk. What's worse, is that everyone in town knows it. Hard not to in a place the size of Spring Creek, but it still sucks to be the son of the town drunk. Cody's mother died in childbirth, and something about that just broke Jack. The man went from raging about the "Damned Lakota Witch Doctor" to drowning his sorrows. The problem with drowning sorrows is that they tend to keep sinking.

With a father that seldom held a job for more than a few months, and that was prone to drunken violence, Cody didn't have what most people consider a decent childhood. He grew up tough, though, and with a temper to match his father's. Cody has been in and out of trouble with various levels of officials since middle school, and most people don't expect him to amount to much more than his father.

The sad thing is, Cody has real talent with a wrench in his hand. He rebuilt his motorcycle from a hunk of slowly rusting junk into a machine worthy of praise, and his work in autoshop brought the highest praise of any of his teachers. Mr Jameson even suggested that he attend the ASE courses at a technical school in Pierre and get himself out of this town. Cody, though, deep down, still loves and fears his father, and isn't willing to cut those ties. Yet.

Cody developed a reputation as an a**hole in school, getting into more fights than most and tending to win them using every dirty trick in the book. More and more as he's gotten older, though, he is more likely to ignore anyone that doesn't directly anger him. His grades are passing, but not by much (except in Autoshop), just enough to keep him eligible for the Baseball team, which is his only real interest outside the shop. When he's not at school, he's usually exploring the area on his bike, or working his part time job at the Two-Horse service station (owned by Charlie Two-Horse from the Lakota Res, another sore point with his father). While he does show up at the local parties, he doesn't have many friends. Most people think he doesn't want any.

Cody has begun to realize that he's set himself up for failure by alienating his peers. None of them realize that he's still fighting off the effects of being his father's son. He's started trying to open up, looking for a way to make a connection and become more of a member of the community of the high school. His past is proving hard to compete with, though, and he's only just getting started. Maybe, if something would just change, he could prove to people that he wasn't just a hothead....

Ok.. I'll have a bit of reworking to do in order to incorporate the power modifiers. But having them will allow a few more things to be added in with the savings.

So, to make sure I got this right, Cody's Fire Attacks and the abilities in his Fire AF will get Super and Elemental. His Regeneration will get Super..

Where I'm unsure is whether or not to put any further modifier on the actual AF advantage since I'll already be getting points back for the powers etc in the template. It shouldn't be any more than the 5% Super if I do, and it might gain me a point.

What's your ruling?

Also, I'll be out of town for the weekend. At work tonight (US Eastern Time) with limited access through my ipod, and then on a mini-vacation with the family. Posting will be spotty at best. Real progress on revisions will have to wait until Tuesday-ish.

No power modifiers on power talent's

Ah, my mistake. No, you can't apply a modifier twice.

Innate Attack, burn, 10d -> base [50]
(Aura +80%, Variable +5%) = 185%
(Melee Attack, Reach C -30%, Always On -40%, Elemental -10%, Super -5%) = 20% (minimum)

50 x 185% x 20% = 18,5 -> 19

The only mistake you do is to go down to 15%. You can never reduce a power through limitations to less than -80%. Of course you can afterwards make it an alternative ability ...


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