Cody Lockett

Depends. It's all depending on relative levels. If all others have such powers as well, well...

Remember that you have to take a second to consciously "swap" among the components of an alternate ability, and that they can all be disabled as a single unit. That said, yeah, they're still a really good deal. The Allison Vogel character made massive use of them; Rose's concept doesn't seem to create such opportunities for point-shaving.

I also just have to say that I always get distracted when seeing mention of Cody because, in RL, I share his last name. :-) Any reason in particular that it came to your mind for the character?

actually, using multiplicative mods is going to free up so many points that i won't have all my attacks as alternates. Cody is going to be more powerful than he was..

As for the name, i got it from an old sci-fi horror book i read long ago. i remember the details, but not the name of the book. Cody Lockett is something of a serial character for me in Supers games, thouggh this version is much closer to his namesake.

Ok.. I wasn't able to do much during the weekend, but I'm back at it with a couple hourse to myself.. hopefully I'll be able to finish up..

However, during the weekend I finally read up on the old game.. and it seems that you're planning to keep continuity through the two, meaning Kris is still around. Does Cody's mechanic-hood and his working at a repair station still fit in? Should he work for Jack instead of the Lakota I put in the background? Would you rather I come up with a different angle?

He could/should work for Jack, yeah, would be great. Kris will be around, but mostly as "Madame Q" from James Bond, throwing in awesome inventions. Fieldwork will come from her only if specifically asked by you all.

Something I've been wondering about. I'm not sure how I would answer the question as a GM myself, so I thought I would pose it to you folks.

With Cody's 10d Aura in his flame form, and if he chooses to use Flaming Fists (4d) at the same time, would he then be doing 14d burn with punches, or would it be overidden by his Aura and stay at 10d?

I would think it would do the 4d attack, then the 10d attack from the aura. Still getting 14d of damage, but for damage reduction, or damage resistance, resolving it as two separate attacks makes more sense.

Does it make a difference? Well, 40% more dmg is nice but the aura is more important for larger enemies or groups of enemies, while the fists do more concentrated damage.

So yeah, I'd say they are cumulative in a way, but would be applied separately (and thus DR would be applied separately).


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