John Jacobs

John Jacobs

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John Jacobs

John Jacobs (he’s heard all the jokes before; John Jacobs Jingle-heimer Schmidt was all he was called until the tenth grade) is a nice kid. A little bit opinionated sometimes, and perhaps a tad arrogant, but overall, friendly, well liked, and reasonably groomed.

Far from unintelligent, John embodies the idea of ‘only excelling at what you’re interested in’. While he does decently in school, getting passing grades, the concept of sitting down and focusing on something he doesn’t plan to use is completely foreign to him. Physicality keeps him focused; sitting in class just makes him sleepy.

Dabbling in sports, but never really finding one he liked, John is an avid pupil at the local self defense class; while it is generally just a belt mill for bored church kids, John has managed, through talent, perseverance, and stubbornness, to actually learn a lot from the teacher, a middle-aged black belt and former Vietnam vet who really doesn’t know as much about the ‘art’ as he says. He knows enough, though, and mingled with a few self-defense techniques and things he’s picked up from the internet, John is actually quite good. Good enough to place in a regional tournament, though not to win, due to his lack of interest in tactics and patience.

When not in class or practicing at the gym, John can typically be found roaming the relative wilderness around his neighborhood. Not quite out in the middle of nowhere (at least, not by Dakota standards) but right on the edge of it, there are plenty of trails to go hiking on, deep creeks to jump into, ponds, fields, and streams to splash around in. He hunts, some, though he only targets small birds or squirrels and the like. He doesn’t like the idea of shooting something larger and only wounding it, and having to put it out of its misery. The first shot, he could take; the second, he’s not so sure about.

Although John has friends, he’s not particularly close to anyone, never having had a ‘best friend’ like so many of his peers. Instead, John focuses on activities, reading his extensive fiction collection, or napping, a favorite activity of his. Laziness is not a word he is unfamiliar with. Still, he enjoys his home, and the people; when he goes to work at the Diner, he loves sitting back and listening to the stories, even the mundane ones, of people around him.

Unlike many of his friends and classmates, John is not planning on attending college, beyond perhaps a two year business degree at a community college a couple of hours away. What he really wants to do is open a dojo…but what he’ll settle for, is working in his parents restaurant, the local greasy spoon diner. His father pays him well, and as he was a late child, it’s clear his parents want to leave the restaurant to their only son in the next ten years or so. It’s a living, and a sort of status in such a small community, running your own business.

First and foremost, you're going to need an extra level of Reduced Time for your Stretching advantage to get the effects you've spelled out. Right now, Stretching 1-4 is a free action, but 5-7 requires a turn of stretching.

For Instance, Stretching 7 takes 7 turns.
Reduced Time 1: 7/2 = 3.5, which rounds up to 4.
Reduced Time 2: 4/2 = 2.
Reduced Time 3: 2/2 = 1.
After that, you need another level of reduced time to make it into a free action.

You could probably buy a lot of your powers as Alternative Abilities, if you don't think you're going to need them at the same time (flight and enhanced ground move for instance). It'd save a heck of a lot of points.

I don't think there's an official rule on how very rapid healing and regeneration mix, although I think I saw Kromm say that it would let you regenerate two, not one, HP per time period. Is that what you're aiming for?

With all the points you've spent on DR, Homogeneous, and Unbreakable Bones, you could buy Diffuse, and some DR to shrug off petty threats. The only things that could kill you would be cold and extremely powerful area attacks. It would also allow you to look into getting the Infiltration modifier. Also, you want the Nonprotective Clothing perk if you've got the Can't Wear Armor limitation.

You might want to think about applying bouncing or bouncing only to your Super Jump. If only because you can do ridiculous amounts of damage with super jump and a slam attack, and bouncing protects you from suffering the damage yourself.

Huh. I read a version on the Steve Jackson Games forums that RPK put up that said it rounded down, so I went with that. I'll alter that, though, just in case. Good eye.

I thought about Diffuse with Infiltration, but over several revisions, I reduced DR, then went with Homogenous to make him less durable, and so on. I'm going to have to do a revamp with the new power modifiers (probably Biological -5%) so I'll have to shift points, and I may go back to it.

Setting up Alternate Abilities is also a good call, now that I need to shave some points; I avoid it when I can, just because I don't like the idea of 'resetting' to get abilities that he should have by his nature, but you pointed out a good pair that couldn't hurt to have as alternates.

Healing and Regen., yeah, I intended him to do 2 per hour, as stated on the boards. Depends on Krys' preference, though.


Hey, Krys; would I need Infiltration on Diffuse to squeeze through small openings? My understanding of Stretching, mixed with Double Jointed and Invertebrate, was that he could pretty much do that anyway, up to small openings (like underneath a door that wasn't fitted too closely, or through a small windowpane). Infiltration would allow smaller spaces (like, width of a piece of paper or screens) but for small but not miniscule openings, that combination would suffice, right?

Hey, Krys; would I need Infiltration on Diffuse to squeeze through small openings? My understanding of Stretching, mixed with Double Jointed and Invertebrate, was that he could pretty much do that anyway, up to small openings (like underneath a door that wasn't fitted too closely, or through a small windowpane). Infiltration would allow smaller spaces (like, width of a piece of paper or screens) but for small but not miniscule openings, that combination would suffice, right?
Not necessarily. Depends on your level of stretching. Each level let's you strech by a factor of roughly 1.5. This also means that you decrease the size of that body part in one dimension by the same factor (conservation of mass and such). So if if stretch your head (the biggest/hardest to squeeze through body part) by a factor of 1.5 in the vertical, it becomes thinner by a factor of 1.5 in one dimension as well. So with stretching 1 you can squeeze a male body (assuming a thickness of 9 inches and wideness of 24 inches) through gaps 6x24 inches or 9x16 inches, but not 12x12 inches.

Stretching 8 is a factor of 25, so you could get through gaps as small as 1/4 x 24 inches or 6x1 inches. Thus a well fitted door might be a problem already. Double jointed will help you with wideness (as you can turn your shoulders extremely well), but not with thickness of the head. And here you'll face your worst limit, you just can't get those 6 to 7 inches to contract much.

Would Invertebrate not help there? It does say you can 'fit into spaces much smaller than expected for someone of your size'. Or is that included in the dimensions above?

Ups, didn't read up on invertrebrate, doing so just now.

After reading it, hmm, I'd say it's good enough for a factor of 4, which must be compensated in the other 2 dimensions though. So together with Stretching 8 you can thin out to 1/100th of one original dimension. Is that ok? Basically it means that you can go from a 2 yards long, 2 feet wide, 6 inches thick human to a 100 yards long, 4 feet wide and 0.06 inches thick papermen. Though when you are stretched that thin you can't use your strength efficently.

Works for me, though the way I read it, I can NEVER use my strength all that efficiently. I didn't want him to be a brick, I just wanted him to be able to SQUEEZE, so invertebrate leaves him that ability while reducing his lifting capacity and so on. It worked out nicely for what I wanted.

Just to make things simper, can I assume he can, say, put his head up to a hole, squeeze through slowly (like pushing silly-putty through a ring) without zooming out a hundred feet? As in, he goes that thin, but only for about an inch at a time? I don't want to run into a situation where he tries to get through a small hole, but has to stretch out 300 feet first, y'know? Kind of a long run-up!

Mostly, it will just be used to get through holes in walls, window panes, that kind of thing, rather than slip through paper thin cracks or keyholes, though if that's possible, I'm sure it will come up eventually and be handy to be able to do.

Correct, if you take the disadvantage invertebrate , you'll be limited strength wise.

I just wanted to make sure you understand that you do not get a "free stretch" from invertebrate. If you stretch from 2 yards to 50 yards, you can use your (limited by invertebrate) strength. But if you stretch as thin as you can with invertebrate (100 yards) well, then you just don't have enough strength to lift anything. So you need to "destretch" again to the factor 25 to use your strength.

And yes, you can do the hourglass trick.

What I'd do in your case though would be using temporary disadvantage instead of all out invertebrate. What's the difference? If you buy some levels of stretching with, and some levels without temporary disadvantage: invertebrate, you can use your ful strength if you don't stretch too far. You might even form three groups of stretchings:

- a little bit at full Strength
- a medium bit at 1/4 strength (temporary disadvantage invertebrate)
- a long stretch at no strength (temporary disadvantage -all ST)

Might be more useful. Those could even be alternate abilities, but then they wouldn't add up, but instead replace each other.

That's what I wanted, actually.

When I first worked him up, there were two 'bricks' suggested, one with regular strength and one with telekinesis; I didn't want to step on their toes by lifting cars and the like, so I gave him tiered strength so that he would be fantastic and grabbing and binding (using his lifting strength for wrestling and grappling, and crushing super foes) and a really strong punch, but without being able to do the 'feats of strength' common for bricks.

As is, he has encumbrance levels of 80, 160, 240, 480, 800 for lifting, carrying, and the like; very respectable for a low powered super, even. It's at the peak of human strength.

Now, when striking with his limbs (as in karate or brawling), he has strength 25, or 2d6+2 before skill bonuses, which is pretty darn good (note that since he can't use it with weapons, he won't be able to use his swing damage).

When GRAPPLING, though, he gets +8 to hit, and strength 40, AND he has power grappling, so that's where he really shines. He can grab a brick, absorb whatever they can dish out, and pretty much tie them into knots to let the others get the rest of the job done without interference. Or, he can grab a few normals with a variety of constriction attacks with his body, grappling with either arms, and he can put them out of the fight pretty quick.


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