John Jacobs

Pretty sure you can drop Regrowth. Dismemberment is a kind of crippling injury, which Diffuse grants immunity to. Besides, even a cutting attack will only do 2 hp of damage, which won't sever anything.

Shifted powers to multiplicative and dropped regrowth. Shuffled some points around to give him one or two new options (reflecting damage back at attackers, for instance; hand guns or punches not only won't hurt him, he can make them hurt whoever tried to kill him!).

Super Jump 5 (Biological -5%) [48]
AP: Breath Holding 5 (Biological -5%) [2]
Can you explain to me, what connects the two? So how is one a "different setting of the same power"?

Extra Attack 3 (Biological -5%, Multi-Strike +20%, Only with Striker -60%) [32]
AP: Flight (Biological -5%, Controlled Gliding -45%) [4]
AP: Enhanced Move, Ground 2 (Biological -5%) [8]
AP: Enhanced Move, Brachiator 2 (Biological -5%) [8]
AP: Amphibious (Biological -5%) [2]
Same here. The limits about alternate powers are rather wide, but the powers NEED to be explained as being related, steaming from the same base ability. Can you explain how you imagine that?

I presume the relation is "He's really stretchy, but can only concentrate enough to support one big change from basic human shape at a time." Although he should probably take Switchable on a lot of those advantages.

Well if they are alternate abilities, they don't have to be switchable, do they?

I believe Switchable is only available for persistent abilities that might be inconvenient. Claws is a classic example; if you're walking around with Wolverine-like talons hanging from your hands all the time, it affects your interactions, so the ability to "disappear" them is a net plus.

But transient abilities, like just about all of the ones in the quoted post, don't seem like good fits for the Switchable enhancement.

That was the basic idea, yeah; they are all things that he can do with his stretchiness, and he can only do the one thing at a time. Most of them could only be done one at a time practically, so I figured AP's would be alright, but I can drop them if you'd like.

Basic idea was he's very stretchy and smooth, so he could stretch out to glide, or make himself really smooth underwater by removing the protruding bits and giving himself flippers, or he could stretch out his legs or arms to run or swing; likewise, he could either extend his legs and 'shoot' himself off the ground, or he could puff out his chest and hold air in, but not both at the same time.

Oh, I'm not calling for you top drop them. Though with 8 active players I can't know all powersets by heart. So I wanted to make sure that it fits.

No sweat; I was just trying to think of everything it would reasonably allow him to do, and toss it in there somewhere. Just didn't want to seem like I was trying to push too much stuff in there!


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