Justin Hendricks

Justin Hendricks

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Name: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetvie...sheetid=316187
-After Receiving Powers

Physical Description: Justin is a tall kid, and skinny for his height. However, most people will attest that he's actually pretty strong. His nose is crooked from an old break, and he has a lot of little scars all over his face and body. He keeps his brown hair in a simple crew cut. He's not ugly, but he's not pretty either. If he has a good feature, it's his baby blue eyes. He usually wears and old pair of jeans and a faded t-shirt (not vintage, just well worn), with a camo jacket when it's cold.

Personality: Most people shake their head even as they say the nicest things about Justin. He's a sweet kid who'd do anything for a friend and almost as much for a stranger, but he's probably going to age in a bad way. The main problem is that he doesn't plan ahead or think about the consequences. So if a small party is getting boring, he'll liven it up by pulling some daredevil stunt that's going to land him in the hospital some day. And he knows that some of the things he does are illegal, but he can't picture himself going to jail. He could pull himself up to a successful life if he worked at it, but he doesn't display the right drive. If he's lucky he'll settle into a decent blue collar job, and if he's not he'll wind up dead, burned out, or in prison.

The one thing that does get Justin motivated is the pursuit of adrenalin. He likes high places, fast cars, stupidly dangerous jumps, and the occasional harmless misdemeanor. Of course, he also like the praise and admiration he gets when he does something impressive enough.

Background: Justin's mother, Christina, was a Morning Dove Orphanage girl. When she came of age, she moved away and wound up a secretary in Salt Lake City. She caught the eye of a yuppie lawyer named Jesse Hendricks. Romance happened, a wedding followed that, and then a boy named Justin came along. When Justin was six, his parents went out on a date night. On the way back, a trucker fell asleep at the wheel and swerved into their lane. Jesse Hendricks was killed instantly, and his wife Christine was left with a bad back. She and her son could have stayed with her husband's family, but she retreated to where she knew best, Spring Creek. A few years later she married a local mechanic, Drew.

Justin's memory of his life before Spring Creek is rather hazy. He considers himself to be a native, most people think of him the same way, and he doesn't care much about the world beyond the Black Hills. However, he does have a small amount of hero worship for his biological father, and is at least nominally a Mormon just like his dad was.

Justin's stepfather got meaner as he got older, and Justin's early teenage years were marked by him coming home late or not at all. Instead, he spent a lot of time with people who could be charitable described as "bad influences". He's a B average student, which is impressive considering how little attention he pays to school. He's got an old faded red pickup truck, which he's yet to have even a minor accident in. That's not normally notable, but Justin drives fast, aggressive, and more than a little crazy. Justin's pretty popular around town, partly because he has a reputation as a fun guy, and partially because he's a good running back for the school's football team.

Things with his step father came to a head a few months ago, after a long cold war. Drew totaled his truck, and demanded that Justin turn over his pickup. Justin refused, but offered to drive his stepfather around until he could get a new truck. His stepfather put the issue in very plain terms. Either Justin was going to give him the truck, or he could pack his bags. Justin decided he liked his truck.

Justin's doing alright for himself right now. He has a long list of people willing to let him stay for a few days or weeks, and he always does his fair share of the chores and leaves before he can overstay his welcome. He's in his senior year, and isn't planning on going to college. He's got a few part time jobs to work at, and is saving up to buy a small place of his own. The only job he really like is working for his stepfather's brother, who owns a hunting lodge and pays Justin to help guide the tourists around the hills.

Alright, I fixed the modifier problem, and sold off some abilities to cover the cost. Any feedback is appreciated.

Ah, another Alternate Form user! I won't claim to be a great GURPS guru (I've been admiring your commentary on other characters), but I'm happy to take a look. I hope you'll return the favor with Rose.

Since I've never played in a Supers genre game before, I'm still a little fuzzy on stuff like Air Talent. What are the "skills" which the Talent assists? (And I'm wondering if Rose is in trouble for not having taken any....)

I'm not sure you've priced "Living Tornado" properly... although, aha, it sums to -2 points (Disturbing Voice is a Perk, yes?), so I guess you're not getting charged for it in addition to the basic 15-point advantage. You do know that, even in the middle of emergencies when the change works, it's still going to take 10 seconds to accomplish, right? Remember, also, that you need to specify an event/circumstance which will force you to return to your normal form.

Thanks for the reminder about No Legs (Aerial)! I needed that for one of Rose's forms.

It's a little hard to check the modifiers, since you haven't included the percentage changes, but the cost for Twister looks a bit low. Oh, duh; you've already included the 1/5 price for Alternate Abilities. The 1d crushing isn't going to produce much knockback, even doubled, is it? (Isn't it still 8 points per hex for standard humans, so you'll get that a bit less than half the time?) I'm wondering if it might not make sense just to dump that part of the link and just use pure Obscure.

Why the Resistant (Acceleration)? (Oh, is it because you go so fast with Super Jumping?)

You could probably save some points -- or increase the power level -- by wrapping the Telekinesis power in with the suite of alternate abilities under Control Air. (It is "telekinesis" accomplished by manipulating winds, right?) If the winds are noisy, you could also roll in a Nuisance Effect (prevents Stealth) -5%.

Looks good! It's fun to compare this with the tentative build I have for my air-based speedster in another game.

Power Talents aid with basically all uses of related powers. So Air Talent gives +x to all rolls concerning air powers. A generous GM might also allow them to add to some skill rolls.

Orys comments are good. Concerning shapeshifting, take reduced time and probably reflexive.

Oryzarius, thanks for the commentary, it's very much appreciated. I'll be offering my critique of Rose's tonight/tomorrow. In response to your thoughts:

Power Talent is a fun addition from GURPS Powers (naturally), although it's not necessary for every character. It adds to rolls for any advantages that come under the umbrella of "Air Powers', or directly related skills. For example, +3 to: attack rolls with his powers, IQ rolls when using Control, rolls to stay on his feet with Perfect Balance, take off or slam into someone with Super Jump , or perceive someone with Vibration Sense. When Justin had Flight, it would have added to his Aerobatics and Flight skills. At 5 points per level, it's a steal.

You're right that the Twister isn't really going to do much knockback. I could have made it stronger, but I already have one attack that does tons of knockback but doesn't actually wound people, and making the twister do more damage would make it potentially lethal, which doesn't fit Justin's character.

You're right that I didn't "show my work" with the modifiers, but I'm not worried about the math. I generally put together characters with GURPS Character Assistant, which is a lot better with number-crunching than my poor innumerate head will ever be. The only issue I had was that I assumed the Super modifier would be -10% rather than -5%, but it's all good now.

Of course, sometimes I screw things up when I migrate a racial template from GCA to a forum post, and I should have noticed. I guess it's better that I fix it now than fix it after the game begins. The living tornado is supposed to be a 0 point template. Unlike Rose's alternate form, it's not something that he switches to very often. There's pretty much no way that Justin even knows he has it at the start of the game, and he won't be finding out until things go south for the team. Also, yeah. "Penetrating Voice" just means that he can shout as loud as a gale force wind when he wants to.

Also, I was aware of the time requirements to change into an Alternate Form. That's why I added the Active Change, so he's not helpless during that time. However, I hadn't noticed the requirement that you specify a way to forcibly return you to your real body, so thanks for pointing that out.

You're exactly right about Resistant (Acceleration). I don't want to worry about Justin blacking out in mid-jump.

You make a really good point about Telekinesis. I'm going to have to mull over whether or not it's worth the turn to switch between powers, but I'm definitely going to add that nuisance effect.

Alright, I think I got everything worked out. The only thing I'm a little fuzzy about is the juiced up Vibration Sense. Krys, could you give me an idea of what Justin would be able to pick out with it? In theory he could pick out a helicopter (SM+4) a hundred miles (-6 for distance) away on a 16 or less, although he wouldn't be able to tell you if it was a helicopter or a small plane or a flying dinosaur. Part of that may be problems from trying to mix the speed/range table for Size and the Long Distance Modifiers (B241) for range.

Acute Senses alone will not help you there Connington. You need to buy an appropriate base sense first and improve it with acute senses.

Example: someone that bought blind and improved upon it with Acute Vision ...

If I understand you right, you are basically going for a passive sonar. The easiest way would be to go for active sonar, maybe with LPI?

Another approach would be to buy Ultrahearing [5] allowing you to hear those frequencies. Then it would be passive again.

Huh? Justin has a base sense, specifically Vibration Sense. I used the Long-Range modifier from Powers p.108 to allow it use the the Long-Distance Modifiers (Characters p.241). Justin has Perception 14, and adds his Power Talent to get a sense roll of 18. I'm trying to get an idea of how you think this would work at extreme ranges, the kind measured in miles rather than yards.

My fault. I mixed it with Acute Sense.

A successful roll reveals the rough size, location, speed, and direction of movement of the target.

Targeting: By taking an Aim maneuver, you can “lock onto” any object within range and determine its precise range and speed – just as if you had a high-tech rangefinder. This gives you +3 to hit that target with an aimed ranged attack. +20%.
Well, as it says, you can get the SM, direction and distance (location), speed and direction of movement with your sense. Through this you can make a guestimate what it is. You can not sense the form, EXCEPT if the object is "large" enough to distinguish differently moving parts.

So you couldn't tell an airplane from an airship of the same size easily. But if your roll is good enough you might be able to sense the jetstream of the airplanes engines separately. So with barely enough successes you might get infos like:

"An object roughly 100 yard wide or long, an handful miles above and to the north (kind of) of you. Traveling at several hundred miles per hour eastwards."

You'd need a MoS of 5 or 6 to "zoom in" onto the stream of the 4 turbines of that Boeing 747.


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