Reia Heyes

Reia Heyes

Please post your char here, this will be the place to discuss it and it's development.

I was wondering how I might go about increasing the value of my allies. I was thinking that they might be considered 'soldiers' to her queen bee and get some mundane advantages and stat increases.

Best would be if you design an affliction for yourself with the limitation: only to puppets/worker bees. Then your puppets could get those advantages permanently (not restricted to mundane advantages mind you), raising their value.

Oh and what would work best for your "theme" would probably be either wasps, or better wild bees.

That's correct Connington.

Concerning a possible mascot (or maybe even a direct influence on Reias powers?) how about:

carpenter bees

Carpenter bees are not solitary bees, but are not truly social either. The weak form of sociality they exhibit, with one female doing the majority of the work, and caring for her sisters, may be a transitional step in the evolution of sociality. However they tend to be gregarious, and often several will nest near each other.

It's not illegal, if nobody cares. Sorry, I agree with Connington, tobacco is -5 in this setting. You'll be happy about it when your char becomes clean.

Oh BTW I initially wanted an unknown disadvantage, not an unknown enemy, but the original GM wouldn't let me take it. Can I do that now?

So you want a "tamed down" amnesia? Or is full fledged Partial Amnesia ok for you? In your case probably 30 CP of "super disadvantages" or such.


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