Reia Heyes

Uhh it could be anything that I could have reasonably not noticed until now. I get a -15 point disadvantage (or a combination worth -15) and an extra -5 points for knowing nothing about it. It's on page 120 in the Secret Disadvantages sidebar.

You do know that I can be very bad when it comes to this? I do have an idea for something that fits (but is kind of evil ) and you even get -25 CP for it. OK?

Btw, what do you think about the bee theme? Not interested?

It's an interesting theme but I don't know what I'd do with it.

Normally I'd object to receiving a large disadvantage than I asked for but it seems like you've got a brilliant idea and it makes up for the reduced value of addiction besides.

As for affliction, that would probably result in me paying more for that ability than it costs for the allies in the first place. I don't want to give them super powers, I just want to increase their physical stats and maybe give them some mundane advantages to make up for their low value (they're worth 75 points right now but for the amount I've paid I'm entitled to allies worth 157-325 points).

Actually it's not realy more than a 15 CP disad ... but some ... surroundings. And as said, it might be more than you bargained for *very evil grin*

Concerning allies: they to are teenagers and have been hit by the red light. So yeah, they could have "powers" of their own. But if you bought them as a group, please give them powers as a group. So I'm fine if you improve your allies.

Concerning bee style. Hmm, you could think about what would be typical for a small bee group (there are bees like the carpenter bees, that do not form large groups). Maybe some of the powers your girls get are "bee powers"? there I wrote about power modifiers.

In short: everything mundane doesn't need PM (but could have if bought by the 500 CP), everything superhuman requires PMs. Those powers that do have an inherent PM (Magery, Gadgeteer frex), don't need one obviously.

Here's my initial power lineup for your approval.

Ally Group (frequency of appearance raised to 15) [12]
Compartmentalized Mind 2 [100]
Detect Humans (telepathc -5%) [19]
Fearlessness 10 [20]
Mindlink (multiple contacts +50%, sensory only -20%, telepathic -5%) [12]
Mind Reading (multiple contacts +50%, sensory only -20%, telepathic -5%) [34]
Mind Shield 5 (telepathic -5%) [19]
Possession (assimilation +10%, chronic +20%, full memory access +10%, malediction 3 +200%, mind swap +10%, telecontrol +50%, ranged +40%, selectivity +10%, all-out -25%, human only -40%, nuisance effect (temporary exhaustion) -5%, telepathic -5%) [113]
Puppet Group [10]
Telepathy Talent 4 [20]
Telesend (telepathic -5%) [29]
Will +1 [5]

Deep Study [1]
It's Me [1]
Rule of 17 (possession) [1]

And for the girls:
ST +2 [20]
DX + 5 [100]
HT +2 [20]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Invisibility (switchable +10%, super -5%) [44]
Leech 10 (Steal FP -25%, super -5%) [43]
Duty (Reia, involuntary, 15 or less) [-20]

Was wondering if I could have the following perk (invented by me).

It's Me
When possessing a subject, you can choose to temporarily assume your own appearance, including height and weight, instead of that of the subject. Doing so takes one second and a concentration maneuver, reverting to your victim's true appearance is a free action. This ability is primary useful for convincing an ally of your true identity, or terrifying observers not used to displays of paranormal power.

Also can I buy immunity (telepathic Terror) for my allies?

Possession with costs fatigue is a bad idea. Basically you are limiting yourself to a few seconds or if I'm generous minutes of possession. Is this what you intend?

No because possession is an instantaneous effect and thus I only need to pay the fatigue cost once as I understand it.

Nope. It's an continuous effect.

For advantages that produce continuing effects (e.g., Flight), you must pay this FP cost to activate the ability for one minute. However, once you have paid this initial cost, you need only pay half as many FP (round up) per minute to keep the
ability active.


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