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But if I didn't have telecontrol then it wouldn't be a continuing effect. Nor will it be when I use mind swap instead of telecontrol. Since usually you can't go back in those cases.

So can we just treat it as an instantaneous ability to keep the effect of the limitation comparable to its discount?

Possession by itself IS a continuous effect. According to the house rules costs fatigue gives 10% per lvl. Still it's for THIS advantage not a very good idea.

If I took an affliction and added Costs Fatigue and Extended Duration (permanent) then I would only pay the fatigue cost once per attack, since affliction is an innate effect.

Possession works exactly like an affliction with a permanent duration. I don't see why it can't be treated that way.

Because Possession IS a continuous effect. And the affliction you mentioned BECOMES a continuous effect through extended duration.

Accept it or let it be, but that is my final GM ruling.

^^ ah, that's a very clever idea. Let's call it "temporary exhaustion from the experience" and it's a -5% nuisance effect.

I am very nearly done but still need the following questions answered.

Originally Posted by EvilRoeSlade View Post
Was wondering if I could have the following perk (invented by me).

It's Me
When possessing a subject, you can choose to temporarily assume your own appearance, including height and weight, instead of that of the subject. Doing so takes one second and a concentration maneuver, reverting to your victim's true appearance is a free action. This ability is primary useful for convincing an ally of your true identity, or terrifying observers not used to displays of paranormal power.

Also can I buy immunity (telepathic Terror) for my allies?

The perk I do consider a special function of your telesend (and not a true shapeshift). So while machines won't pick it up, it is ok to show those you can telesend towards.

Concerning immunity to telepathic terror: take a look into the books for how to resist terror. Immunity shouldn't be used for things that can be withstood in other ways. So you might take Fearlessness (telepathic terror only -xx%), but complete immunity wouldn't be the right way to do it I think.


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