Leonard McKinsey

This is the revised application for Leonard McKinsey.

I'll change the first descriptive post of Leonard when I have approval for this one. I didn't want to lose it right now in case I want to roll back. Basically his invisibility is a alternate form which is very similar but where he doesn't have his regenerative powers and force field ready.

Uploaded a new version of Leonard. Removed the easy to read disadvantage and the programming AI skill. Changed computer wizard to 5 cp /level, added cryptography to the list of allowed skills, and added stealth and brawling to the list. Leonard learned to be stealthy by his wish to be invisible. Spring creek's wrestling coach teaches not only to wrestle but also to fight.

Concerning your resistance against metabolic hazards. That's not only drugs and such. You've got a +8 to all common problems, the bends, acceleration you name it. Metabolic Hazards is everything we humans are usualy successible to except for those things that have an own advantage.

Great. I just started with multiplicative modifiers. If I use them right my ability to shapeshift fast will be more expensive. (15 * 1.2^4 instead of 15+80%). Am I doing it wrong or should I just have been more vocal in my disagreement with this rule since it is detrimental for my character? ;-)

You don't multiply each modifier individually; add all the positives from enhancements (so, in your case, +20% 4 = +80%) and multiply the power's cost by that factor. THEN total all the negatives from limitations (in your case, –0%) and multiply by 100% minus that number.

So, if I had a 50 point power with a +20% enhancement, another +20% enhancement, and a –10% limitation, the final cost would be 50 1.4 .9 = 63 points (as opposed to 50 1.3 = 65 points under the normal system).

Ory got it perfect. .

OK. Adapted points. I believed I saved 1 cp. I am thinking about adding honest face and leaving one cp to add later if that's allowed. If you're ok I'm ready to play.

That's what I'd suggest as a first draft:

There is still a lot of improvement potential here, so don't take this as a finished suggestion.


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