Leonard McKinsey

I see... Wow, those alternate forms really make a lot of abuse possible. A good thing it is GM approved ;-). I can live with the proposal (was busy copying everything to gcs to check things out.). I just need to think of some extra abilities that fit the concept. Will probably do it tonite.

Well, I think Connington can give you hints what to improve. Ory is also good at it.

For his invisible form, you could try this, which would bring the point cost of that form up to just under that of Invincible Leonard's.

Obscure (Sight) 10. (Area Effect (8 yards), Costs 1 FP, Defensive, Extended (Infravision), Max. Duration (30 Minutes), Psionic, Stealthy)
[47 points]. Leonard can project an invisibility field for 8 yards around himself. This costs him one FP to activate, and one per minute of use. Additionally, he can only keep up his invisibility field for 30 minutes at a time.

For his healing form, try adding levels of Reduced Fatigue Cost so he can pull off impressive feats of healing (Contact Agent can be a point saver if he can only heal people when he touches their bare skin). He could have take some sort of sleep/unconsciousness affliction. Lots of possibilities here.

Connington's suggestion is a good one -- though, if it's only around Leonard himself, Obscure also gets the -20% limitation of "Emanation," right?

Contact Agent is good for requiring a touch to bare skin, though it's specifically noted as intended for Afflictions and Innate Attacks. If Leonard also needs to have bare skin exposed, I believe Powers allows reversing Sense-Based (touch) for another -20%. It'd be up to the GM as to whether to allow either modifier for a beneficial power, rather than an attack, or to reduce the discount since there's much less risk to, for example, slipping off a glove, or moving aside the clothing on a cooperative subject rather than an opponent.

For "Invisible Leonard," upping the encumbrance limit on Invisibility seems like a clear choice. Silence is probably also useful -- and remember to take the Dynamic enhancement.

"Healing Leonard" could buy an Affliction to grant a target Regeneration and/or Regrowth. That'd be awfully expensive, but would also make him very popular! Since there are plenty of points to throw around, consider adding to Healing the "Affects Self" enhancement for +50% (from Powers). Connington's suggestion of reduced Fatigue costs is likewise an excellent one.

^ I like it when players help each other. Btw, suggestions concerning Kris are also welcome. Remember though that she isn't really intended as "field operative" like you guys (except if you want to take her along). Most of what she hasn't in powers now will come from gadgeteer later.

Thanks, I'm still contemplating the math here. I changed a few things. super-jump is psychokinetic (like his force field, so Leonard has psycho-kinetic and healing as bas powers.), but for my calculations I use Krys's example.

<REMOVED LONG ELABORATE thesis with a problem which turned out to to go from a false assumption.>

Sorry I'm too tired. Going to bed now. Will try again tomorrow.

EDIT: and even ninja-ed while writing the thesis ;-) Goog nite everybody.

Here is my revise version based up on Krys's proposal.

I made his super-jump psychokinetic (-10% instead of -5). I thought it made more sense given that his powers are either psychokinetic of psychic healing.

Power leanard will not regenerate anymore. That part is moved to healing leonard. Instead he is even stronger than strong leonard.

Healing Leonard now has regeneration and regrowth. A bit egocentrical ;-).

I was thinking about my mind block yesterday and some things still bother me.

The example in the book about alternate form assumes a human that switches between a cuddly critter, and a troll. There is no double dipping. The human template pays for the alternate form, the alternate form does not pay for shape-shifting back into the human. The 15 points pay for both ways.

I'll rename Invincible Leonard to PowerLeo nard (PL) to avoid confusion. Strong Leonard (SL) has three alternate forms, PL, IL and HL.

The funny part about Leonard is that all his three forms have themselves as alternate forms. I'm ok with that, even though I can make 50 cp availabel on all three templates by removing the alternate forms advantages. The advantage is that Leonard can switch between his three forms within a second.

I am not even sure anymore whether or why you would need the SL template. However, I like it and fits the concept.

The strange part is that SL is never mentioned as an alternate form. It isn't necessary, as shown from the example from the book. Leonard can always switch back to his previous form, and he starts as SL. I assume SL is his base form.

Now suppose the following day in the life of Leonard.

SL goes IL goes PL fights, saves girl of his dreams, falls in love, goes HL, heals girl and himself, goes IL to save girl, goes PL to defeat boss. Then he ends up into bed together with the girl of his dreams in a very romantic moment. Girl snuggles her head on Leonard chest and says: 'There is no no need for barriers my love, show your real self'.

HL cannot go back to SL. The only thing he can do is
let go of PL, becomes IL
let go of IL, becomes HL
let go of HL, becomes PL
let go of PL, becomes IL
let go of IL, becomes SL.

This process takes at least 5 seconds. If the girl of his dreams shows up after a few months it might take hourse, while Leonard continuousely switches form before the eyes of a bewildered girl. And we're lucky that all Leonard forms look alike (except for the invisible part.).

So the GM would either handwave that or Leonard should take care to shift to his SL form before going to bed every night in order to avoid an alternate form stack overflow error

You don't have to add the alternative forms to all forms.

That's how you list it. Everything else is just misleading. So basically you can still add 12 CP to healing leonard and 51 CP to invisible leonard. Though make sure to look into the way damage is transfered between forms.

What you could also do, is forgetting about those +5 ST, move regeneration into base leonard. and be fine with 3 forms worth ~70 CP. Up to you.


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