Leonard McKinsey

That "cheap forms" Leonard would look like this:

So still a few CP left for fine tuning, and you don't have to worry about healing in any form.

There is always a "base form" -- to which you return when you're unconscious or dead, unless you buy an enhancement ("Once On, Stays On") to prevent it. So, unless he pays extra, Leonard wakes up every morning as Strong Leonard. Moreover, shapeshifting is not a linear process; you can always revert straight back to your normal form, without having to recapitulate every shape change you've made all day. And you don't take Shapeshifting as a power for each and every template; only the "base" character gets that.

The reason for the "Strong Leonard" package is to define that base form, without the shapeshifted "extras," and to define the abilities that persist across all your forms. For example, since Rose has Vibration Sense in her base form, she also has it as "Quartz" and "Dusty," her two alternates. You never lose abilities from that base form in changing shape, unless they're specifically overridden by the new template.

Moreover, the Shapeshifting power requires that "you must specify a single, reasonably common external influence that can force you to return to your native form against your will. This should suit the advantage's origin: a Dispel Magic spell if your ability is magical, exorcism if a spirit power, strong magnetic fields if technological, etc." (Characters, p. 83). So, no, you're not just getting free points; there's always a catch. :-)

Rose, for example, needs to stay connected to the earth; if she's on an airplane, or in a Magneto-style prison made entirely of plastic, then she loses access to her shapeshifted abilities.

So, what is Leonard's nemesis? I can't tell from the straight power write-up, with no flavor, what the "hook" is that makes everything hang together, but the lack or presence of something (a substance, an event, a stimulus) needs to discombobulate Leonard's abilities.

Pardon me while I check your math out, without the extra Shapeshifting stuff for the templates:
  • Leonard base advantages: 356
  • Alternate Form (PL): 25
  • PL template (at 90% for shapeshifting): 108
  • Alternate Form (HL): 25
  • HL template (90% would be 98; free since less than PL): 0
  • Alternate Form (IL): 25
  • IL template (90% would be 63; free since less than PL): 0

Total: 539 points, or close to target but still too high.

Healing Leonard has room for 12 more free points of abilities, though that may be hard to swing while keeping in theme. Invisible Leonard, on the other hand, can add 51 free points without going over Power Leonard's cost; again, I recommend Silence (almost as important as not being seen!) and more encumbrance on the Invisibility if you can afford it.

Note that, if you move more of "basic" (Strong) Leonard's abilities into the Power Leonard template, you save points, since you get the 90% discount. And when Power Leonard's price goes up, it means all the other templates can advance in price (and capabilities) as well. The downside is that your base form ends up being closer to normal. To use Rose as an example again, she's almost completely normal by herself; almost everything is loaded into her two Alternate Forms, whose 90% cost is, I believe, around 400 points. It's rather an Achilles Heel that I fully expect to see come up in the campaign -- but is also, I believe, the sort of thing that creates good drama.

So, what is the story explanation for Leonard's tripartite existence? What about him causes the split? Do the three pieces always agree on everything, or are there personality shifts to go along with them? What causes Leonard to forcibly revert to "plain old Leonard," and why?

EDIT: I was just editing my post, wondering how I got some numbers wrong, when I noticed I was now reading Krys' post, which ninja'd mine, rather than joppeknol's, to which I'd originally been responding. So there may be some math oddities above, but hopefully the argument is more or less straight.

Leonard doesn't really 'shapeshift'. Alternate form is used as a way to specify three different modular sets of abilities between which he can switch. My idea is that Leonard has a set of psychokinetic and psychic healing modifiers which he uses to specify different states. All states require the full use of his powers, so he can't use the other abiltiies. This would also imply that Leonard switches to his base form if you block psychokinetic and/or psychic healing. Is that enough?

My 'problem' was that you take the full extra cost of Power Leonard as the difference between SL and PL. However, Strong Leonard can change into two other forms while Power Leonard cannot (he can change back into Strong Leonard and then into his other forms). So I either assume that changing in another form is included in the Power Leonard package, or the difference between Power Leonard and Strong Leonard is 120 cp - 50 cp (the two other alternate forms from SL that PL doesn't have.). The latter case would assume that if Power Leonard wants to become Invisible Leonard, he cannot suddenly turn invisible, but first has to change back into Strong Leonard. This can be an issue when, for instance, Leonard is surprised while he is healing. I'm ok with the first option.

I would personally like to go with regeneration in the Healing Leonard package if that's allowed. I'll edit my latest Leonard package to include Silence 10 (I already wanted to do that, but forgot, sorry). In that case, it would be the same as Krys first post after mine. I'll also remove switchable from Invisible Leonard make him carry objects upto light encumbrance. also added mind shield I, so that Leonard is less detectable by psi's.

joppe, please read the shapeshift advantage again. Sorry what you write doesn't make any sense to me.

Hmm, I believe that I add the costs of the other two alternate forms in the cost of the base template. The example in the book doesn't, so I guess I'm wrong. I'll remove them from my write-up. Now I only have one question: Can Power Leonard turn directly into Invisible Leonard (1 second), or does he have to turn back into Strong Leonard and then into Invisible Leonard (2 seconds)

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I think he can, because the base template has it, and it is not overrruled by any of the other forms.

Now that I think about it: My main source of confusion the the fact that I played/play a dutch obscure RPG where you can take the role of someone who can morph into a lot of animals, but still has to return to human form in order to switch. I kind of assumed that that was the default in Alternate Form as well.

I still wonder how to model that. Would that be a limitation on Alternate form? (It can be serious. During a session my character was a fish being chased by a shark.).

It's at least a nuisance effect (-5%), but I dimly remember having read a writeup of such a thing ... you might find something about this in GURPS: Werewolf, as the WoD werewolves need to go through all froms to get from homin to crinos.

I think the best solution for you would be the setup with the 3 alternative forms worth ~70 CP. That keeps regeneration in your "base form" and thus you'll have it in ALL forms. Don't underestimate the value of this.

Ok. will do. Then it will probably ressemble the idea you posted last. I'll probably have it by at least tomorrow evening.

Ok. I checked the tempate. I'm ok with it.bIf it is possible to power up is healing capacity for 14 points, then I would like that. I cannot find the proper enhancement.
This shoudl be it.

Looks good.


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