Leonard McKinsey

You could move the Psychic Healing Talent into the Healing Leonard form -- that takes up 10 points of the 14-point slack, and gives you 10 more points to play with of anything else you'd like in the normal form, like an extra point of ST, yet another level of Super Jump, or a few more points of DR.

Currently Healing will handle both diseases and injuries (though disease-curing is limited by your IQ's ability to handle penalties). If you want to concentrate on healing battle damage, you could take the -20% "Injuries Only" limitation, possibly along with "Reduced Fatigue Cost" for +20% per level to make individual heals cheaper.

Under your powers concept, should Leonard's invisibility be able to last all day? An easy and obvious way to reduce its cost is to pile on a bit of Costs Fatigue, particularly since Krys has reset the cost to -10% per level (rather than the canonical -5%).

And now a few pesky character-background questions, intended as probes rather than attacks. How does "psycho-kinetic/healing" justify Invisibility? And, per your Shapeshifting question, how would opponents "block psychokinetic and/or psychic healing"? (I suspect Krys would really like to know.... )

I disagree with Ory on that.

Your healing Talent can't be part of a form, sorry, just doesn't fly.

And costs fatigue DOESN'T make sense for continuous abilities, except if you realy want to limit it strongly (basicaly want to limit yourself to fly only a few minutes).

But I do agree with him on the psychokinetic/healing power question

A ruling against Talents in alternate forms certainly makes sense. Sorry for blundering there, Krys. :-)

I'd claim that the ability to become invisible for 5-10 minutes (depending on Fatigue cost) is still fantastically useful. It all depends on where you want to spend the points, and on what fits the character concept. I'm a little handicapped, since I still don't have any kind of clue how "psychokinetic power" produces any of these effects, though I'm sure I'll learn once we start writing more descriptions, having been "supered up."

on invisibility.

In game

Psychokinetic power can already create a force field by stopping anything that tries to enter a certain space. In this case psychokinetic powers are used to create a field which allows photons to go through without reflecting them. This is quite a feat, and it wouldn't be possible hadn't it been for the fact the Leonard also uses his psychic healing powers to temporarily change the state of his body so that it doesn't reflect photons. Now the field only has to watch for Leonard stuff, which is why it can only work upto light encumbrance.

Out Game
I agree the above explanation is nonsense and I can't really defend it. My only defense is that the whole super-thing is make believe and my explanation is not really worse than some others. The real reason is that I wanted Leonard to be invisible (fits the idea that super powers exaggerate a person's features), and I didn't want to put yet another power into Leonard. If it's not allowed, we'll have to find another power source. I'd rather not drop the invisibility. Leonard becomes really dull without it.

One possible option to lessen the suspense of disbelief, is to remove the encumbrance part. Leonard can become invisible, but only his body, a boxer short and a T-shirt (see the previous campaign.). I can put the then acquired points into Silence. I would be ok with that decision, especially since light encumbrance means almost 260 kg in Leonard's case. Later we can always change the boxer short into an appropriate super suit.

One question. Am I allowed to buy of overweight? I believe I have two points left in my base template Spiderman got more muscular too when he changed and an overweight superhero just looks weird (especially when he is wearing a tight suit or boxer shorts.

I like the explanation -- and, you're right, it fits perfectly with Leonard's "not wanting to be seen." I agree that it's a good idea to lower encumbrance and raise silence. Maybe even throw in the perk Sanitized Metabolism to make yourself harder to track. :-)

I agree that you ought to be able to buy off disadvantages in alternate forms. I certainly hope you can, because Rose did. I, too, thought the idea of an Overweight earth-golem or swirling cloud of mica flakes was really weird, and wondered how the Swimming bonus would work, so it was easiest to drop the quirk.

So if you can't do it, then I'm in trouble, too....

Ory said most of it. Invisibility is fine this way, but buying down encumbrance might be wise, and replacing it with silent and sanitized metabolism.

Concerning overweight, I'd ask you to NOT buy it off right now ... but you may use your first few earned points to do so. Or might use the supers points. Basically this "change" should be part of the game start.

Krys, what if we want to keep Overweight in normal human form, but lose it when shifting into a radically different shape?

I understand your point with regard to Leonard, whose forms are much "closer" to each other, but thought I'd ask for clarification as regards Rose. (How can a diffuse cloud be Overweight, anyway, one wonders?)

Hmm, change it in a feature. Given that it is a quirk already, nothing else makes sense. So basically you got a quirk while in your normal form, but don't get the CP for it. Of course you'll be able to work it off more easily then.After all, as a super you do get more physical excercise.

So, just to clarify, you're saying that we can ignore the quirk in an Alternate Form, rather than paying the single point to buy it off?

Maybe you need to take a look at Rose's latest version to make sure I'm not running afoul of any of your desires for the campaign. I believe I was pretty explicit in the supers packages about where points were going and for what.

No, what I'm saying is: you buy off the quirk with 1 CP, an get a 0 point feature: overweight only in base form.

That's assuming that the adventure relevant part of the game will see you in your alternate forms mostly -> that's wher it counts if it is a disadvantage.


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