Geoffrey Lewis

Claws (Blunt)-3
Danger Sense-15
Enhanced Dodge 2- 30
Combat Reflexes- 15
Luck (Rediculous)- 60
Parabolic Hearing 3- 12
Perfect Balance- 15
Peripheral Vision- 15
Regeneration (Fast: 1HP/Min)- 50
Fur- 1
Super Climbing 3- 9
Super Jump 2- 20
Teeth (Sharp Teeth)- 1
Enhanced DX 8- 160
Enhanced ST 5 (-10% SM 1)- 45
Enhanced HP 3- 9
Enhanced Per 5- 25
Social Stigma (Monster) d-10
Easy to Read d-10
Increased Consumption d-10

So this is my revamped list, still have to go through any modifers I can use and trim the extra points. Any ideas for modifers besides super is apprecaited, and Im still entertianing an alternate form if anyone seeing any segways before I do.

Regeneration gives all the benefits of Rapid Healing, so there's five points. Visualization isn't much use in combat unless you take it with Reduced Time 7 (In which case it takes no time to use at all), and you might want to take an enhancement to use a Per roll instead of an IQ roll. You might want to consider buying Tough Skin DR.

Alright, I didn't see the reduced time 7, is that a modifer and if it is or not how much does it cost? The DR I was considering that.

It's a modifier from page 108 of the Basic Set. With 7 levels of Reduced Time (for instant use), Visualization costs 24 points. If you add on the Based on Perception Modifier (Basic Set 102, and GURPS Powsers confirmed you could use it for powers other than attacks), it costs 26 points, and works 98% of the time instead of 75%.

Also concerning DR, please read my post on DR. I strongly recommend to NOT depend on tough skin only. If you do, make sure you can live with diseases and contact poisons.

Editted my second list, pretty sure thats what Im going with let me know if you see anything I may have overlooked. Im going to look for a picture to resemble what he may look like after all the transformations. Question is there a possiblity that I may put a modifer on perception for having larger ears, and a possibly a perk for a menacing growl?

Both are possible.


Honestly, having big ears sounds like Unnatural Features to me, not a limitation on hearing.

Social Stigma (Monster) is worth 15 points, and probably a really bad idea. Most people will run away at the sight of you, or reach for a gun. If you think your changes would lead to discrimination, I'd recommend Second Class Citizen, Minority Group, or Freak (from GURPS Supers). All of those get you bad reactions and discrimination, but you can still interact socially.

Clinging isn't appropriate for the kind of mammals you seem to be patterning your powers after. Take Accessory (Climbing Spikes).

You might want to grab some HT.

How did you wind up with Easy to Read as the result of your powers?

Yeah, parahumans in GURPS Bio-Tech get Unnatural Features, which basically act as a penalty to things like Disguise and other skills which would be hurt by distinctive looks.

I did take Social Stigma (Monster) for Rose's golem form... but only because it seemed like the most likely way for mundane humans to react to a spiky, rumbling, ten-foot-tall humanoid made out of rock! I don't know "Freak" -- I'll have to take a look at that.


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