Geoffrey Lewis

I noticed that, but I didn't argue because Rose wouldn't be spending all her time in that form. She can hold a friendly conversation if she wants to.

Big ears= a larger target and a direct result of the increased perception or thats how I was thinking. For the social stigma I kind of think thats the point when your 9 foot tall, have claws, fur, and large teeth. Not to sound angry, just saying it would seem a teenager who eventually turns into a large beast would have that reaction buying it out differently with points doesn't seem logical to me. One thing I was considering which Krys will probably be able to tell me whether it makes sense or not, was to have the 'beast' part of the powers recess when not around nature/woods and all. And what kind of modifer that would give. As for the easy to read disadv, basically I was going off a large creature's features Im trying to decide whether thats going to effect Geoff or not. I mean when you see a bear you know when its angry, when its uneasy, and so on its just wether he will reflect this at all or retain a human compsure. For the clinging, I will have to read up on your suggestion but as for a specific creature that he is going to resemble Im not sure Im going for one.

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One thing I was considering which Krys will probably be able to tell me whether it makes sense or not, was to have the 'beast' part of the powers recess when not around nature/woods and all. And what kind of modifer that would give.
Welcome to the Shapeshifting club and the wild, wild world of Alternate Form!

It sounds like you're looking at a "normal" human form (possibly with some superpowers that persist in any shape) and then another template that gets applied on top of that, equipped with "beast powers" and an appropriate Social Stigma.

Not necessarily what I had in mind, I mean besides the fact that there are way too many shapeshifters in my opinion. And that I don't want to add to that, my idea was a little different. He is still a humaniod, and it wouldn't be something he could really control. Basically say I made wolverine, I wouldn't be able to pull out my claws while in town but while in the woods I have no restrictions and possibly have the ability to pull them out or not in areas in between.

The potential problem I see is that it restricts everyone in the group if Geoffrey can't go out in public, or can't access his powers half the time.

Large ears: sorry misunderstood you there. No, you can't take a limitation for having big ears. It's an unnatural feature at best ... but I assume that's subsumed in your chars appearance/social stigma already. What you can do is buy acute sense (hearing). That's what I wanted to say by "it's possible". ^^

I'm in agreement with Connington on Social Stigma (Monster). I strongly suggest to take a milder form for your main "alternate form". You need one form able to interact with humans. There is no problem in going all monster in battle-form like Rose Quartz. Actually those that do have a monster form might take a secret ... which later would be switched to social stigma (freak). You are right with assuming that there are social repercussions. But SS(Monster) just makes social life impossible if applied to the "main form".

Clinging I agree with Connington in STYLE. Mechanics wise there is no reason why you couldn't take it, but from style clinging fits geckos and insects, but not mammalian monsters.

HT, or further dodge/avoid skills. Both serve the purpose.

Easy to read ... I have to disallow for a monstery-battle form. As a friend of mine always says: a disadvantage is a disadvantage only if it disadvantages you. If you can't interact socialy anyway, no sense in taking further disadvantages in this line.
Another reason is, that large animals actually aren't easy to read for humans as every animal trainer will tell you. Bears in special are hard to read, as they do not have any mimic.

So yeah Ory is right, your best bet is a human form and a beast form. Not all powers can be "switched" off like claws. Consider a werwolf who can switch from human form to "wolf-men" form (but not full wolf). He is still humanoid in his battle form ... but no-one would consider him human anymore in that form. I suppose that's what you are heading for, and there alternate form is precisely the correct instrument.

Alright I will work out the alternate form, Im not sure I will have it completely done tonight but shouldn't be long as I have off tomorrow.

So there is a lot of math going on here so I doubt I will get it right the first time so please feel free to check me.

Base Powers-155
Danger Sense-15
Luck (Rediculous)- 60
Peripheral Vision- 15
Regeneration (Fast: 1HP/Min)- 50

Working out two forms, main one being the beast form the other being a winged version of him with talons. Points/math wise is the hard part. Will edit in what I get here soon, Im sure you guys can find plenty of mistakes but I think I got the idea down.

Does the reduced time modifer come off the 15 or the final cost for the alternate form?

All modifiers affect the cost of the 15 points. Both alternate forms look pretty good right now. But SM+1 gives you a 10% discount on ST, not 20%.


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