Kris Shaodan

Kris Shaodan

Please Krys remember to post your NPC/GM char here, so that the others can have a look, and do know what their Q can do for them.


Kristin is the daughter of the local "repairshop owner". Together with her mother, those three run basically all repairing needs of Spring Creek: automobiles, radios, radiators ... everything. Which keeps all three of them busy, and financially well off. Kristin knows more about ElecRepairs, Machines and Computers then anyone else in town except maybe her dad (he is more into older machines though). While her dad does the more "heavy" repairing tasks (like repairing agricultural machines on spot, where simple strength is needed sometimes), and her mom is mostly doing administrative duties (plus has a wool shop on her own at the side), Kristin helps out in all situations.

Despite her (hidden) beauty, Kristin keeps herself separated from the girls in school most of the time, as she is rather shy, and has a low self image. She is mostly wearing comfortable and practical clothes, which hide her feminine beauty. And are perfectly better suited to either go for an hike or repairing the next broken car/televisor, than impressing boys. Her grades in school are simple: A, though she managed to get the teachers to not mention her grades this openly, to avoid undue attention (seems she was diplomatic enough or turned lucky). Despite this the "prom queen" of the school has started to identify her as a danger. If Kristin should ever start to get rid of her shyness, open up to others and wear less "practical clothes", she could be the smartest and maybe even most beautyful girl of the school.

Age: 15

Appearance: usually appears like a tomboyish young tall, slender girl, wearing overalls or comfy wide clothing. Her hair is mostly worn in a "quick bun". Whenever she is allowed to, she is wearing one of her knitted caps.
If someone should ever see her in more formal clothing, they would see the swan hidding behind the ugly duckling. A slender, slightly feminine figure, almost waistlong auburn mildly wavy hair, highly intelligent eyes, changing from grey to green and blue.


Possible contacts:

Darren Foster - 17

They are in the same grade, so might know each other from some courses, especially Arts. One thing that might have picked his curiosity is her ability to quickly see through, and dismiss his pseudo-intelectual talk. Interestingly she has never embarassed him by doing so openly in public.

Geoffrey Lewis - 17

They are also in the same grade, but likely have few common courses. They could have met in the "wilds". He might have seen her out hiking, climbing, canoing ... but interestingly she isn't with the girl scouts (but could easily manage several of their badges or ranks). When he was off in the woods, he might have found some small helpfull gifts ... nothing overly fancy, just what someone could have left at his camping place to help him out. And while she tried to not embarass him by letting him (or others) know that she dropped some food or re-loaded batteries or similar stuff at his place from time to time. He could probably read from the footprints, and from seeing her from afar who the benefactor was.

Emmett Alcott - 17

Same grade, but limited overlap in courses. They probably mostly meet in artistic courses, where he might have recognized her high potential (but she rarely shows it, to avoid unwanted attention). Especially her voice might have catched his attention.
She diplomaticaly avoids him, but that can be said about her relationship with most pupils as well.
Given that her parent's belong to what goes for Spring Creeks "high society", he might have met her as well at those social occassions that could not be avoided by this "down to earth, well off family". Which are few, but existent, given that Sarah (Kris mom) is a member of the Town Council.

Isaac Leed - 17

Same grade, almost no overlap in school. They know each other more from her fathers garage, than from school. While Kris tends to get herself busy elswhere when "the men" (Jack Shaodan, father Tom and Isaac) get busy working at the orphanages cars. He might have seen several of "her projects" in the garage. Some of them have been impressive, especially the almost complete rebuild of her car. From a chunk of rust, to a fine small hybrid-engine off-roader. It's not a Prius guy...

Reia Hayes - 17

Same grade, but limited overlap in courses. They are a bit of the two sides of the same coin. Given Reias high skills in assessement, she probably could quickly see Kris abilities. Though given that they do have limited contact in and off-school, chances for more thorough knowledge on Reias side are small.
While Kris does have a rather "individuell" style of clothing, she obviously doesn't align herself with the "non-mainstream" goths, and diplomaticaly avoids Reia. The largest overlap might be the schools "prom queen" that interestingly seems to consider the solitary Kris to be almost or even more of) a problem than the "goth-girls". Kris unwillingness to side with neither the "mainstream" nor the "goth-alternative" by going her completely own way might make her even more interesting to Reia.

Kangee Howahkan - 15/16

While they are not in the same grade, Howahkan has a similar chance to Geoff to have met her outside of school. Sarah, Kris mom has repeatedly sided with the native americans (something that isn't going well with everyone, given that she was born in Europe), and Kris has supported her mom during some small environmentalist and animal rights actions. Nothing majorly (it's Spring creek, not San Francisco), but both her mom and Kris showed a willingness to listen and act accordingly, uncommon to many third or more generation "colonists".
Another point where they meet regularly is the choir ... where Kris as regularly turns down the offer to take over lead voices. Howahkan might even have gotten a glimpse of Sarah's and Kris "secret".

Rick Faulkner - 16

They know each others face from the school ground ... and that's it. There is just nothing that connects them.

Jason Markowski - 16

Same as with Rick. They might have contact via the choir, and maybe even boating.

Leonard McKinsey - 16

Kris is one of the few people in town, that shares his fascination with computers. While she isn't as "dedicated" to it as him, she has left a few traces in the net, that he might have stumbled upon. Plus he would know, that she is the one person in town to head to, for questions concerning hardware. While she isn't as good as the experts the town over ... she is neither 3 hrs down the road. Plus she is less limited in her scope, being able to easily integrate computers with other electronics.

Rose Stark - 16

Despite not being in the same grade, and being physical opposites, this two girls might become natural allies/friends. Sharing the problem of wearing (unsightly) glasses, and many hobbies and interests they might have ways to get out of their shyness.

School: anyone in the advanced natural sciences classes will have met her, as will most in the advanced arts/music classes. Same is true about the choir. Though usually she tends to not stick out intentionally, and most teachers respect her wish to stay in the background. After all why make life more difficult for a girl that is 2 years the junior of the others in her classes? She did NOT attend auto shop class. She just couldn't afford to squeeze any more classes in her time schedule ... and why attend a class that teaches stuff you helped your dad do when you where something like 8?
What she carefully hides with the help of the teachers are her grades. In her freshman year one teacher thought it funny to "praise" her good grades (there is always a teacher that can't stand students smarter then him). After a "nice little talk" with Sarah (Kris mom) and the rector of the high school ... this never ever happend again ... with any teacher.
So while it is common knowledge that she is very good in school, few know or guess the truth ... she basically can choose which elite university she wants to apply with a full scholarship.

Mechanics/Repairmen/Garage shop: Got any repairs concerning machines, engines, electronics and such in Spring Creek? Then you do know "Shaodans Garage". What started as the towns only garage for cars quickly became "the" center of repairing. As of now it keeps all three Shaodans busy. One reason they didn't take in an apprentice yet was lack of good candidates. Also Jack has made it an habit, to invite those owners of the vehicles he considers trustworthy (many in such a small community) to help with the repairs ... and usualy makes them a very good price as well, as explaining to them how they can do small repairs themselves. What might look like bad business to most, has earned him the trust of the people of Spring Creek, and thus keeps his books filled with orders.
Most people in Spring Creek now recognize the "little gal" in the overall as Jacks heir in spirit. Jack is only lately loosing hope that his little girl will come back after college (with a nice son-in-law to boot) and take over the family business. While Kris loves the repairing, Sarah is slowly repairing her husband, that his beloved smart daughter might have brighter future ahead.

Outdoors: Kris never joined the girl scouts. Still her parents use every free minute for outdoor activities, and this rubbed off on Kris. Thus outdoor freaks will surely have seen her around in the wilds.

Power ideas (WIP):

IQ+4 [80]
IQ!+10 (super attributes +25%, genius -10%) [113]

Doesn't Sleep (super -5%) [+11]
Enhanced Time Sense (genius -10%) [41]
Genius Talent 4 [20]
Intuition (Inspired +100%, genius -10%) [27]
Intuitive Mathematician [5]
Photographic Memory (genius -10%) [+4]
Quick Gadgeteer (genius -10%) [45]
Snatcher (genius -10%, takes recharge 15 sec, -20%) [56]
Super Luck (super -5%) [+80]
Visualization (Reduced Time 7 +140%, genius -10%) [22]
Compulsive Gadgeteering (SC 12) [-5]

Honestly, it's hard to go wrong with building a techie. With that said:

What do you picture doing with Snatcher? It's a great advantage with a high point cost, doesn't fit thematically, and you can already whip up lots of things with Quick Gadgeteer. It could work great, it just seems out of place. Similarly, Extra Attack looks out of place on a character that's not meant to be a physical threat.

Can ordinary humans even have Less Sleep 4? I know people who get by on hours like that, but they're constantly battling the Missed Sleep rules.

Gizmos seems like a great possibility for this character. It's not cinematic, it's her super brain squirreling away important gear without realizing why. Of course, she's going to gain levels of Wealth and/or signature gear pretty soon with that big inventive brain of hers.

Ridiculously high IQ levels always make me wonder why the character can't step around the plot and her other problems. I think a lot of super genius characters have really good IQ and more than four levels of Talent. That's more of a game philosophical note than a useful suggestion though. If you're going to have well over IQ 20, grab Super Attribute from GURPS Supers to raise your default skill levels.

Altered Time Rate with Non-Combat Speed to save points would let her work very fast, especially in conjunction with the Enhanced Time Sense she already has.

Snatcher is supposed to get her text- and schoolbooks from other worlds, and also tools (don't you hate it if you just don't have the right tool handy?). Oh and it replaces Gizmos.

Extra attack is a leftover from the game where it was an "active char" and not a GM char. I should drop it right?

Yes, -4 hours of less sleep is the max a normal human can have. In reality I need only 5 hours of sleep, which is equivalent to -3 or even -4 hours of sleep. So yes, it is possible. Works rather well for a workaholic.

Super Attributes, thanks, that's VERY helpful.

ATS ... that's something I thought about as well.

Any suggestion which power modifier to use? Supers seems so... boring.

In that case, Powers has the Recall limitation that you should look into.

I don't see the Extra Attack doing Kris much good. 25 points would be enough to purchase 5 levels of Super Attribute.

You may want to look into the Savant PM from Supers.

IQ+4 [80]
IQ+5 (genius -10%, super attributes +25%) [113]

ATR 2 (Non Combat Speed -60%, Temporary Disadvantage: Increased Consumption 2 -16%, genius -10%) [40]
Enhanced Time Sense (genius -10%) [41]
Intuitive Mathematician [5]
Photographic Memory (genius -10%) [+4]
Quick Gadgeteer (genius -10%) [45]
Snatcher (genius -10%) [72]
Super Luck (genius -10%) [+75]
Visualization (Reduced Time 7 +140%, genius -10%) [22]


Savant has the Incurious disad ... which is a BAD idea for gadgeteers.

Connington, what do you say to this power modifier:

Genius: the curious brother of savant, you become oblivious and curious when using your powers. ... Fascinating

OK Connington, abusing you as a GM for this char. Would you allow the following perk:

Rules Exemption (PU2:20): Can use ATR(Non Combat Speed) for learning purposes.

for a character with IQ 25, photographic memory, ETS and well, ATR 2?

To Genius Modifier: Seems fair to me, and it matches up pretty well with media portrayals of super geniuses.

As to ATR, don't you have enough skill to eat a -7 penalty without actually decreasing your chances of success with core skills?

EDIT: Got ninja'd. Gimme a second to look up the learning rules


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