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See RPKs houserule page #3:

Regrowth is a different issue. Essentially, it gives you a weaker version of Injury Tolerance (No Eyes [5], No Vitals [5], and Unbreakable Bones [10]) -- you do take the injury, but can grow it back over a long period of time. Considering that for 20 points you can be absolutely immune to dismemberment, it makes no sense to charge 40 points to be able to recover from dismemberment over a long period of time. I think -50% is a conservative value for "Loses the limb/organ but grows it back weeks/months later", which sets a fair value at 10 points.
So given that no-one said anything about the proposed houserules, I suppose you like them as they are? In that case, Regrowth is 10 CP.

LOL what are houserules #2- #12?

^^ take a look at the link in the first post of the houserule thread. Btw, rules questions please here, not in the Houserule thread. Need to make it read only for you guys.

I can't seem to find the nature -10% in my books anywhere, can anyone direct me to a page?

Nature is -20% according to the RAW. Read Powers p.28. For this setting Nature is worth only 10%, you'll understand soon I think.


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