Howahkan a.k.a. Johnny Crown

Howahkan a.k.a. Johnny Crown

B]Name:[/B] Johnny Crown (Howahkan to his tribe)
Age: 16
Description: Johnny Crown is a slender young man with all the features common to his Sioux heritage. Long straight black hair to his waist, very bronzed skin, high cheekbones and a "roman" nose. At 5'7" and 130 lbs he does not stand out physically. Where he does standout is in his attire (native garb - beaded leathers moccaisons braided hair with a couple feathers etc.) and his attitude. He is very outgoing and proud of his people, but it is also clear that he wants the two cultures that he interacts daily with, to live in harmony. He is an outspoken environmentalist, and animal rights activist. Most people in town think of him as that "weird indian kid that is stirring up trouble." What most of them feel is guilt and resentment that this young man has a conscience and is trying to do what they should also. He is in no way violent, and will go out of his way to help anyone even those who belittle his efforts.
To his people he has all the makings of a great "peace chief" or medicine man. His ability with traditional medicines and in the spritual side of Indian life has made him a fixture at the tribal council. Which is amazing for one so young.
Considering his upbrining, it is something of a miracle that Johnny made it to this point. His father ran off when he was very young, and his mother o.d.'d on alcohol and drugs not long after. Even then Johnny was a precocious child; he, as a few other children were, adopted by the tribe in general. Moving from family to family, learning at the Elder's knee all the traditions of his people, Johnny developed of fierce love of his culture and it's traditions. He seemed to understand that the general resentment that many of his tribe felt at the whites only hindered their own progress. He is determined to keep his culture alive and integrate it into the 21st century.
In school Johnny was the natural target for bullies at first, because he so proudly displayed his differences from the other children. As time passed, the bullies began to leave him alone because he couldn't be intimidated easily. They would mock him, and call him names, but they couldn't get a rise out of him. He'd get beaten up now and again, because he wasn't really able to defend himself. Even with all that, he'd still offer to help the person that hurt him if he saw he needed help. Most of the time it was refused, because of who he was, but people began to see that Johnny was truly a good-hearted person.
Outside of school Johnny loves to work at the local animal shelter. He seems to have a way with aniamls, and has even impressed the Veterinarian with his basic skills. His two best friends are his Raven "Kanjee", and wolf "Akecheta". He has joined all the school clubs that relate to the environment and/or animals. He is also part of the choir and band. Whenever possible he rides his horse and camps away from the town. Although he is not an official boy scout, he has been invited a time or two by the local scoutmaster along on nature hikes and camping outings to show the kids "how indians did things". It doesn't bother Johnny that the attitude is condescending, and who knows, maybe he'll plant a seed in some child's heart that may eventually help his people.

I have posted my sheet. His name is now Johnny Crown, or to those who respect his heritage, Howahkan. He is 16 and I'd say good. He has sense of duty to everyone he knows personally, charitable (sc=9), pacifism self defense only, and a vow to protect nature. I see him as the kid who gets the crap kicked out of him, then cheerfuly helps the guy do his homework. He gets used by a lot of people, but he believes there is good in everyone and he's determined to find it. He's the outsider character that is proud of his "outsideness", but he doesn't let others attitudes about that deter him from trying to be friends. Even if you don't accept him for who he is, he'll not hold it against you. And he always keep plugging away to get to be your friend. Does that make sense?

Also assuming this is a small enough town is it ok for him to ride his horse to the Vet's office and walk to school? He works at the Vets office to make a little money and a stable for his horse when he's in town. Howahkan cleans the cages, walks the animals if need be etc. Sort of an after hours caretaker. Plus assisting the Doc on weekends and in the summer.

here's a very rough draft of my list.
5 - Absolute direction
25 - + 5 perception (possibly in an animal form only, not sure yet, or sure of its cost)
50 - Precognition (Directed + 50%)
75- Healing (Xenohealing-all earthly life +40%, affects self +50%, cures afflicitons +60%)
96 - Insubtantial (Can carry items, light encumbrance +20%)
? - Doesn't breathe (Insubstantial only, what's the cost?
5 - Plant Empathy
Alternate form
15 - Raven
15 - Wolf
15 - Fish
? - Big Grizzly with a couple levels of terror.(Terror +4 base 70, only in bear form, not sure of the cost)
Also want to retain Howahkan's IQ in these forms
35 - Speak with Animals (Sapient + 40%)
21 - Speak with Plants (Sapient +40%)
8 - Remote Empathy (50% of Empathy-15 pts)
364 not counting cost of the Griz. I know I can save a few points by taking limitations. I wasn't sure which are applicable. Also I'm guessing some of the things might be crossed off, and not sure which talents might be allowed. I'll stat up the Griz soon, but thought I'd give ST something to chew on. Also considering some sort of FP boost deal.

Okay transfered over all the old posts, editing soon.

Good. ^^

what sort of limitation would doesn't breathe have for "only when insubstantial"?

Hmm, depends on the other modifiers, especially how often you'll be insubstantial. My gut feeling is somewhere around 20 to 25%ish.

Concerning healing, did you think about splitting it into alternate abilities?

Originally Posted by Krys View Post
Hmm, depends on the other modifiers, especially how often you'll be insubstantial. My gut feeling is somewhere around 20 to 25%ish.
Would it? I would say a the point of a 20/25%limitation is that it severely limits your options. If you can always turn insubstantial if you cannot breathe, it's a minor nuisance. (-10%?). Unless I missed a problem with that limitation.

Of course, the GM decides.

Yes it would. You'd be right about the 10% limitation if he'd have "can affect substantial". But given that his insubstantiability doesn't have this enhancement, and thus turning insubstantial isn't a perfect replacement ...

whyte, can you calculate for us please, how much it would cost if you made a 5th alternate form, a "spirit" form, which has insubstantial and doesn't breath? Might be an option. I'd suggest adding reduced time on that change, to get the "can always switch quickly" effect.

Thinking about it, you might make this rather a "spirit travel" form. As long as it is cheaper than the grizzly, it would be a very good deal.


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