Howahkan a.k.a. Johnny Crown

I'm not with my books at the moment, but I believe GURPS Psionic Powers offers a "Spirit Air" enhancement for Insubstantiality, which I recall is about +10%. That sounds fair to me.

Like this?

Ghost Air: You still have to breathe while insubstantial, but it’s not the air of the real world. Treat the insubstantial “plane” as having its own air supply. Thus, other insubstantial entities can still choke you, you can be affected by attacks with Affects Insubstantial and Respiratory, etc., but you can walk through solid matter without worrying about holding your breath. +10%.

That works. I'm planning on dumping the Griz to buy back all the powers I couldn't get in ST's game. Where do i look for the alternate abilities thing again?

It's in GURPS Powers, I believe. Basically, define a set of abilities that are really different effects of the same "power." Price each ability as normal; then charge yourself full price for the most expensive one, and 1/5 price for each of the others (that is, 20% of the value after calculating enhancements and limitations).

If something (another super, weird science, magnetic storms, whatever) knocks out one part of the set, all of them will be disabled. Also, you need to take an action to switch between different members of the same set. But you get one heck of a discount. :-)

How would healing fit into that?

Well, it depends on how you define the healing: its "trappings" (to use a Savage Worlds term) or "special effects."

First of all, it might not fit; not all powers have to be part of an Alternate Ability.

But does your Healing, for example, work by calling to the animist spirits within the person's body? Then perhaps Healing is an Alternate Ability with Insubstantiality (entering the spirit world), Precognition (consulting with the spirits), Speak with Animals (touching the spirits within your furred, feathered, and finny brothers), and Speak with Plants (more or less ditto). Check with Krys, though, to make sure you get agreement that all the powers "hang together."

I was wrong about Shapeshifting in my comments in Silverthorne's game. (I've gotten much more acquainted with it since I swapped out Allison for Rose). You pay the difference in cost between your zero-point "human" template and the baseline template for the animal into which you transform. Any abilities you have bought for your baseline form do transfer over into any other forms -- Rose, for example, has Clinging and Vibration Sense in all her shapes. Now, if you bought IQ up from 10 to 13 as a human and then shapeshift into a grizzly template which starts with IQ 6, you're going to end up with IQ 9 (6+3); if you need better, buy up the stats for the specific form and pay extra for the template.

Basically if you want it to be an alternative ability, you should make sure, that it is either from the same source (spirits) or from the same effect (laser frex).

If all your powers are coming from calling on spirits, and you can always only call forth one spirit granting you a specific power. Then all your powers (of that line) should have the spirit power modifier AND can be designed as alternative abilities. So you basically call a spirit into you, which grants you the power. And only by sending away the one spirit and calling the other, you can access the other power.

And as Connington said: if you miff one spirit, you miff them all.

Best way (read most efficient) to handle alternative abilities is to design packages at very similar prices.

Okay I know I'm late to the party but here goes.
I'm imagining Howahkan's powers to come from 3 sources: Spirits, Nature, and Divine. I'm not doing this to reap massive reductions, just because it fits my character concept.
The Great Spirit gives him access to the lesser spirits (spirit) with the individual powers, access does not necessarily mean success as the spirits are fickle, and prone not to work in developed or polluted areas. (Nature)
He'd also have the -5% limitation needs an attribute roll (will or per depending on the power) for each ability.
So if my math is right for each power that has those limitations, that's a 45% reduction in price. Is that min maxing to much or is that reasonable given the character concept? Spirit = -25%, +5% so reaction modifiers affect the reaction roll, making it -20%, and Nature = -20%. I understand the limitations this puts on Howahkan. In Spring Creek he'd be at -2? (it's not a city for -3) because of nature. Thought: With this combination of power modifiers itwould make sense to apply the negatives from the nature modifier to the spirit modifier's reaction roll to represent a spirit's unwillingness to perform a task/grant a power in such an unnatural area. Would that be watering down the ature modifier too much. I.E. instead of being a skill check penalty, it would be a reaction mdifier to see if the power even activated
S = Spirit
N = Nature
* = Alternative power/Healing is the highest. Each power is granted from a different spirit.
** = Another Alternative Power bundle.
Let the spending and suggestions begin! (BTW he's no longer a shapeshifter.)
15 - Spirit Talent + 3
15 - Nature Talent + 3
15 - Animal Talent + 3
15 - Healing Talent + 3
10 - Charisma + 2
10 - Reputation + 2 (Large class - Spirits, all the time)
30 - Perception + 6
30 - Will + 6
10 - Fearlessness + 5
5 - Absolute Direction
5 - Plant Empathy
10 - Spirit Empathy
30 - Extra Fatigue Points (10)
25 (15) - True Faith (Turning +65%)
10 (20) - Psychometry (Hypersenitive = -50%)
1 - Call of the wild
1 - Rule of 15
The above powers/abilities developed on their own upon exposure to the 'event'
Total = 237 pts.
Now if I understand the math correctly, one adds all the enhancement, limitations and power modifiers to arrive at one final percantage adjusment. NS - 45% refers to the power modifiers mentioned above. NAR(w) or NAR(p) -5% refers to Needs Attribute Roll(will=w, per = p). The number in () = original cost.
20 (20) - Very Blessed (He is a favorite of the Great Spirit, this power is directly from Him. No intermediary spirits to appease, and the Great Spirit doesn't care where he is, thus no nature modifier. Also under Very Blessed do the spirits that grant me the individual powers count as followers of the Great Spirit and thus get the +2 reaction modifier?)
14 (25) - Precognition (Passive only = -20%) (Spirit = - 25% the Great Spirit sends him warnings as He sees fit, Howahkan cannot control it.)
3 (10) - Detect Spirits (Precise = +100%) (SN = - 45% a gift from the Great Spirit, tho the spirits are less likely to be found in unnatural areas, or are very unhappy if they are forced to be there.)(NAR(w) = -5%)*
[Math: 10 + 100%=20 x .55% =11 x 20%=3]
32 (30) - Healing (Heal self = +50%)(Cure Afflictions = +60%)(NS = -45%)(NAR(w) = - 5%)*
[Math: 30 + 110%=63 x 50%= 32]
15 (10) - Medium (Manifestation = +100%)(Universal = +50%)(Visual = +50%)(NS = - 45%)(NAR(w) = -5%)
[Math: 10 + 200%=30 x 50%=15]
3 (15) - Oracle (Inspired =+100%)(NS = -45%)(NAR(p) = -5%)*
[Math: 15 + 100%=30 x 50%=15 x 20%=3]
4 (25) - Speak with Animals (Sapient = +40%)(NS = -45%)(NAR(w) =- 5%)*
[Math: 25 + 40%=35 x 50%=18 x 20%=4]
3 (15) - Speak with Plants (Sapient = +40%)(NS = -45%)(NAR(w) = -5%)*
[Math: 15 + 40%=21 x 50%11 x 20%=3]
Total = 94 points
Now for the piece de resistance:
37 (80) Insubstantial (Light Encmbrance = +20%)(psychic air = +10%)(Affects Substantial = 100%)(NS = -45%)(NAR(w) = -5%)(Preperation required - 10 min. = -30%)
[Math: 80 + 130%=184 x 80% = 37]
6 (40) Invisibility - Electromagnetic vision (Light Encumbrance = +20%) (Switchable = +10%)(Substantial Only = -10%)(Limited use - 4 x day = -20%)(Only when insubstantial = -10%)(NAR(w) = -5%)**
[Math: 40 + 30% =52 x 55%=29 x 20%=7]
17 (130) Terror -10 on fright checks(Affects substantial = 40%)(Selective = 20%)(Limited use 4 x day = -20%)(Costs 5 FP = -25%)(Only when Insubtantial = -10%)(NAR(w) = -5%)**
[Math: 130 + 60%=208 x 40%= 84 x 20%= 19]
104 (100) Affliction Lvl 100 [HT-9 to resist](Affects Substantial = 40%)(Selective = 20%)(Area of effect - 16 yds = 200%)(Stun =10%)(Sense Based - Vision = 150%)(Limited use 4 x day = -20%)(Only when insubtantial = -10%)(Costs 5 FP = -25%)(Emenation =20%)(NAR(w) = -5%)**
[Math: 100 + 420% = 520 x 20% = 104]
Total = 495 points

The idea is he can go insubstantial at will with the power modifiers listed to see if he succeeds. If he does then he also has a limited capacity to go invisible, use Terror and the Affliction. I'm imagining the spirit that Howahkan uses to go insubstantial can also grant him the invisibility, terror, and affliction powers. It is a very powerful and evil spirit, and it enjoys using Terror and Affliction thru Howahkan as it feeds off his fatigue.

Looks like a math error: DNS should be -50% rather than -55%, since you took a +5% to the Spirit modifier. I hope you're using a spreadsheet or some character-creation software.

I can't comment on piling the DNS modifiers all together; that'll be Krys' call. All I can say is, man, taking a -50% power modifier is just asking to be whacked with mundane or mystical countermeasures!

Since we're using multiplicative modifiers, you do not add all enhancements and limitations together to get a single adjustment; instead, you have to do two bits of math. Let's use Healing as an example. First add together all your enhancements: Heals Self (+50%) and Cures Afflictions (+60%) yields a +110% increase. So the first thing we do is multiply Healing's base cost of 30 points by 2.1 (100% + 110%) to get 62. Now we add together all your limitations, including power modifiers: DNS (-50%) and Needs Attribute Roll (Will, -5%) sum to -55%. (Note that, including the power modifier, you're limited to a -80% maximum discount.) To get our final cost, we multiply the 62 points from the last step by 0.45 (100% - 55%) to get 27.9, which rounds up to 28 points as final cost. (Note that that's cheaper than the result you got using additive modifiers; more points, wahoo!)

If you have two abilities which you can't (or just don't plan to) use at the same time, it makes sense to buy them as Alternate Abilities. They need to have (all) power modifiers in common, and be explainable as different manifestations of the same basic "power." In your case, some obvious clusters would seem to be ( Medium and Oracle and See Invisible ) and ( Speak with Animals and Speak with Plants ). Depending on how much piling together you want to do, you could even bundle those two groups into a single package, and/or add Healing in if you can explain how it works using the same basic method.

Defining Alternate Abilities saves you points because all but the most expensive power only cost 1/5 as much. (The downsides is that all component powers go down if any one of them is disabled, and it takes a second to swap between different abilities in the same set.) In the case of the ( Medium and Oracle and See Invisible ), using your numbers, the final power would cost 24 (for Medium) plus 21/5=5 (for Oracle) plus 14/5=3 (for Detect Spirits) or 32 points, compared to 59 points for the unbundled powers. (For another, massive example of an alternate ability, see the thread describing Allison Vogel over in the "Young Superheroes" game I play in, which is the other offshoot of Silverthorne's original Spring Creek game).

Notice that you've over-limited Insubstantiality, by which I mean you've gone over the -80% cap. That's fine to do for flavor, but doesn't net you any extra points: you could strip out the Needs Attribute Roll and not change the cost at all.

Do Invisibility and Terror not also receive power-modifier discounts?

My rulebook isn't handy just at the moment, but I believe there's a pretty good example listed under the Accessibility limitation which might suggest a value for "Only while insubstantial."

Hope that helps!

No divine modifier, sorry. I have to look for the internal overlap of nature and spirit, but those two are basically ok. But I'm sorry I have to veto divine.


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