Howahkan a.k.a. Johnny Crown

No problem on the divine thing. LOL the divine I was shooting for is called the Great Spirit after all so spirit for his powers makes sense.

My logic on the Terror and Invisibility was: They don't happen if I can't go insubstantial, basically they're extras that I can use if I go insubstantial. So as facets of the insubstantial power they'd already have been modified, wouldn't they?

Anyway with this I'll reconfigure Howahkan's powers and see what we come up with. And I don't really mind the counter measures. A shaman has to convince the spirits to let him use their power, and as the spirits are of nature it makes sense they're less likely to agree to come to an 'unnatural' place to lend Howahkan their power.

Concerning alternative abilities:

I'd suggest taking Medium as a separate power, but bundle the others. Why? Medium allows you to contact spirits. All other powers could be explained as "powers granted by spirits". If only one spirit can grant you its power at a time -> alternative abilities.

You might even have alternative abilities as part of an alternative ability.

So for example you could say: Medium is a separate ability. With it I can contact 7 different spirits, but only 1 at a time. (7 alternative abilities). Each of this spirits can grant me powers (and again possibly only one at a time).

You could also do this with powers granted by allies, ut alternative abilties are probably cheaper.

K cool thanks guys. LOL math is not my strong suit, so when I post the results don't hurt yourself laughing.

Okay Edited my list but I have a couple questions. Do I need see invisible (spirits) if they become visible thru the use of 'Medium' (I have that enhancement) and Detect spirits? I mean if I detect them, then use medium they're going to be visible anyway. I guess I could use it to see if I should even try to use medium and Medium makes it possible for them to be seen by everyone if the spirit wants to be seen, not automatically. So I guess I answered my own question. LOL I'll keep it.
Does the + 2 for 'Very Blessed' count toward the reaction roll I make when using my powers that have the spirit limitation?
How would I get an enhancement for 'Terror' that affected Enemies only? Would that be 'selective' for +20%?
Any upward limits on Charisma? Cause if I can I'll boost Howahkan's charisma so those Spirit rolls are as auto as they get assuming no 17 or 18 is rolled. Although I could go with a rep spirits only that could do the same thing. But I like the idea that his connection with nature and the spirit world make his charisma that much more enhanced. He has almost a spooky inner glow Both 'Spiritually' (pun intended) and 'Naturally'.
Also if I buy the 'Spirit' talent will that bonus apply to that reaction roll?

Do Allies get stronger as a character progresses, basically I paid for the Allies to be 25% of my points. I can see a decision either way, so I'm just wondering. I believe this question has been answered in another thread, I just don't remember which one.

IMHO, because Krys' word is what counts:

You only need See Invisible (Spirits) if you want to be able to perceive them without employing Medium. Sounds to me like a clear candidate for a power to drop, unless you can think of a scenario where you'd need it.

"Very Blessed" is pretty clear that "the reaction bonus from your god's followers is +2" -- but may run afoul of Krys' desire to avoid things Divine. If it gets nixed, perhaps you want to consider a Reputation +2 (Great "medicine man"; Large class, spirits; All the time) [5], though that doesn't get you the bonus to interpret visions.

GURPS Powers offers a +0% "Active" enhancements to Terror that converts it into a single-target ability. You take a Concentrate maneuver to affect the target (within 10 yards, and able to see or hear you, depending on which sense you specified at purchase) and roll a Quick Contest of Will (with the target at a penalty based on the number of levels you bought). If you win, roll 3d for his Fright Check, but add your margin of victory instead of his margin of failure.

Note that Powers also offers "Awe" and "Confusion" variants of Terror, in case that suits your concept better.

I agree that Selective (+20%) would probably allow you to exempt friends from Terror. I seem to recall that somewhere that sort of thing is specifically cited (as for a dragon), but can't find the reference at present.

Do massive levels of Charisma really fit Howahkan as described? I'm wondering if a Reputation with spirits, rather than an ability that affects everyone, might not fit the concept better.

EDIT: Characters p. 37 states, "As with Dependents (p. 131), the GM will adjust your Ally's abilities in order to keep his point total a fixed percentage of your own as you earn points. This will keep his value as an advantage constant. The GM decides how the Ally evolves, though he might ask you for your input."

Under blessed it says one of the things you can be 'attuned' to is a 'great spirit' no capitalization. So I'd say the 'Great Spirit' could be just that: a very pwerful spirit, that has a great many lesser spirit 'followers' that i could get the bonus for being 'Very Blessed' from. Just a thought.

And yes, I think massive levels of charisma do fit him. He wants to lead his people to a reconciliation of cultures with the white man's way. A high charisma would certainly help. To get the spirit roll to be 10 or higher automatically, I need a +7 reaction bonus. 10 or higher means the spirits always help. I've already got a +2 charisma, if the Very Blessed +2 is in there, and if spirit talent counts as a reaction mod for spirits ( I haven't bought that yet) I can get to /the +7 easily. W/o getting any more charisma. But I'll probably add on a couple more levels just cuz I like the idea.

Blessed with "great spirit" is ok. Do you need full fledged charisma all the way, or is a reputation (restricted to nature spirits) enough? Or probably better a mixture of both?

After re-reading the spirit talent description, I'm pretty sure it does not give a reaction bonus to blessed/very blessed, it just gives a bonus to the interpretation roll. Still going to get Spirit talent and Nature and Animal Talents. Is Ory's assessment of selective is accurate. I can use that enhancement to target only enemies with the Terror? I'm also thinking of linking some kind of affliction to it as well.

I also have a question about alternative abilities, and limited use. It says under limited use that each use lasts a minute. OK, so if I pop Terror, then decide I'd like to use the Affliction, does that stop Terror? Which is fine, I just need to know for strategy purposes.
That's right. It's one of the reasons that alternate abilities are so cheap.

Originally Posted by whytewyzard View Post
After re-reading the spirit talent description, I'm pretty sure it does not give a reaction bonus to blessed/very blessed, it just gives a bonus to the interpretation roll.

I can use that enhancement to target only enemies with the Terror?

I'll check out the math when I'm not dead tired.


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