Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver

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Michael Oliver - 2.0


Mental - Intelligence ••, Wits
1E for +2 wits for a scene
•••, Resolve ••••
Physical - Strength ••• (4/6/5/3), Dexterity ••• (3/4/5/5), Stamina •••• (5/6/6/5)
Social - Presence ••••, Manipulation ••••, Composure ••••


Mental - Academics •, Computer •, Crafts •, Investigation •••, Occult ••
Physical - Athletics (Running) ••••, Brawl •••, Stealth ••, Survival ••
Social - Empathy (Emotions) ••••, Expression (Musical Instrument (Vocals)) ••••, Persuasion •••, Socialize •, Subterfuge (Lying) •••


Gained from Cahalith Auspice
True Dreams 2, Eidetic Memory 2, Striking Looks (Pretty Boy) 2, Resources 3, Fetish (Salmon Charm) 4, True Friend (Irina) 3, Status (GotV) 1, Fast Reflexes 3

Allies: Allies (theatre) 1, Allies (MI-18) 1, Allies (Carthians) 1, Allies (Unseelie) 1
Lair (shared with Irina): Security 2

Auspice -
Prophetic Visions
Cahalith have the gift of prophecy. They gain the True Dreams merit, save that they can use it up to (Primal Urge) times per adventure.
Cahalith (Presence)
Tribe - Iron Masters
Aspect - Warhowler

Harmony - 7
Primal Urge - 2
Renown - Cunning 2, Glory 4, Wisdom 1


Left-Handed Spanner (Technology) 1

Sense Emotion (Insight) 1
Scent of Taint (Insight) 2

Know Name (Knowledge) 1
Sagacity (Knowledge) 3

Drawing the Curtain (Scheherazade's Gifts) 4

Father Wolf's Speed (Father Wolf) 2

Stamina+Survival+Primal Urge
Partial Change (Mother Luna) 1

Sense the Flow (Information) 1

The Right Words (Inspiration) 1
Spirit Skin (Inspiration) 4

Death Sight (Death) 1


Any damage a werewolf suffers from silver is Aggravated.
Every werewolf has a snarling beast tied up within, and some of that predatory menace bleeds through no matter how meek and mild the werewolf is. Whenever dealing with mortals, the werewolf takes a penalty to all Social rolls equal to (10 – Harmony)/2, rounded up.

Note: This penalty can also come into play when dealing with other supernaturals or Extraordinary Mortals, if they have never had extensive dealings with werewolves before.
Aura of Menace
When confronted with an appropriate stimulus (pain or rage), the werewolf explodes into Death Rage. The werewolf rolls (10 – Harmony) dice each round until they either fail a roll and fall into Death Rage or accumulate a sufficient number of successes and resist it. If the character is in Hybrid Form they take a -2 to their dice pool, and if they are in Primal Form, a -3.

Some common stimuli and the successes required to resist them are:
• Pain Stimuli: Attacked in a surprise round (~3), Attacked with a silver weapon (~5),
• Rage Stimuli: Public insults (~3), An expected betrayal (~5), Betrayed by a loved one (~7), Loved one killed (~10)

In a Death Rage, the werewolf gains their (Primal Urge) as a bonus to all non-supernatural rolls, to their speed, and to their Defense. They do not take wound penalties and do not collapse until they are killed outright with aggravated damage. The Werewolf automatically assumes Gauru form (or Primal Form, if they know the Gift and are willing to pay the cost), which they maintain until the end of the scene.

In Death Rage, the werewolf attacks every single turn (beginning with enemies, moving to allies, and finishing with inanimate objects), though they may spend 1 WP to control their character for a round, and are able to prioritize targets (and never attack packmates and people for whom they have the True Friend merit). If the character suffers a lethal wound in his last health box, the Death Rage turns to a Flight Rage, and the werewolf turns tail and runs.

Death Rage last for 1 scene/1 hour, but can be ended prematurely if another character rolls Presence+Empathy and gains as many successes as the original stimulus required (this is best done as a teamwork action or with considerable supernatural and circumstantial help). This is only possible if there are no more threats and combat has ended.
Death Rage
Most werewolves can touch and use silver without issue, though they find it uncomfortable, so long as they do not let themselves be attacked with it. Not so this character. The faintest touch of silver causes their flesh to burn and scald, with wisps of smoke rising from the wound, dealing (10 – Harmony) bashing damage that remains until the silver is removed.
Silver Allergen


Long Term - Prove his ability by signing up with the Unseelie/GotV/Invictus
Short Term - Make things up to Vicky. Learn about his dreams/dream interpretation.

Virtue - Helpful - Michael likes to be helpful. If somebody comes to him with a problem, he will spend his time and energy trying to help with it.
Vice - Resentful - Few people can hold a grudge like Michael. He finds it very hard to forgive.


Defense: 3
Armor: 1/1 (Warform only)
Health: 9 (11/13/12/9)
Initiative: 10 (10/11/12/12)
Size: 5 (adult human) (6/7/6/4)
Speed: 11 (12/15/18/16) (+5/+5/x2/x2/x2 w/ Father Wolf's Speed)
Willpower: 8


Completed Aspirations
Attend a Carthian Meeting (short)
Meet Katie and Sinclair (short)
Talk with Whim about the GotV (short)
Talk with Rook about the Unseelie (short)


Reputation Points

Current: 1
Target: 5

In order to rejoin his Pack, Michael must repair his reputation. If he increases his number of reputation points to five, a general meeting about rejoining the Pack would go his way.

Obtained points:
-- The Wildermann Institute conclusion

To gain points:
-- Impressing important people who can vouch for him. So, werewolf alphas, vampire elders, mage Councilors, or Fae monarchs. These are generally worth one point. However if he can convince the big names (Civitas, Sheridan, the Jack-of-Crows, and Angela Citysmith), these are potentially worth two points.
-- Being seen to prevent Masquerade breaches or solve other supernatural problems, though this would require either objective witnesses, or someone who can go and post-cog things later. A good idea might be to sign up with the GotV, Unseelie or the Invictus who could then vouch for him.

Losing points:
-- Breaching the Masquerade.
-- Pissing off a prominent werewolf. Generally speaking pissing off vampires or mages would not reduce his reputation points unless the have significant allies in the werewolf community (angering Civitas who then asks Citysmith to oppose him, for example).

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