Out of Character discussion

I'll prod the other guy I invited and see if he is still interested, if not I'll try and find someone else.

We could go forward with just the two of you, though I think having 3 dogs probably makes things easier.

The situation of "three in judgement" certainly argues for 3 or 4.

I need a thread for Brother Benjamin 'Ben' Bonner.

Sort of ehhh recently, but will try to get something up within a weeks time. I can always hop in later so no need to wait for me.

I was just invited to two online games by friends and my time is now flushed. Please forgive me. I will not even get to play in a 4e game on here. Sorry and good luck.

Hello guys, sorry for the hiatus. I'd like to welcome our new player, Whisper, to the game and then we can continue on with char. gen. and the initiation/conflicts.

Hi there.
I'm really looking forward to try the DitV-Rules - and, of course, this game.



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