Town Notes

Town Notes


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Demonic Attacks?
False Doctrine?
Corrupt Worship?
False Priesthood?
Hate & Murder?

What do the townspeople want from the Dogs?

What do the demons want?

What do the demons want the Dogs to do?

What would happen if the Dogs didnít come?

Bingham Canyon

Brother Chandler Bingham- Owner of the Canyon copper mine. Acc: 4 Body: 4 Heart: 2 Will: 3
Brother Yeager Croft - Former employee of the mine and labour agitator 2 4 4 3
Brother Josiah Finch- Branch Steward 2 4 3 2
Brother Wiley & Brother Samson - Yeager and Content's sons 3 2 4 2
Jedediah Bergen Outsider hoping to provide strikebreakers.
Sister Content - Yeager's wife 6 4 5 5
Sister Amasa - Chandler's wife 5 3 4 5
Sister Azubah - Josiah's wife 5 3 4 5

Br. Chandler is very aware of his position as the major employer in the area and has a heavy dose of self importance.
Br. Yeager is proud of his position representing the workers in the mine and feels Chandler does not deserve his wealth.

A number of children, including Br. Wiley, in the town have been afflicted with a strange disease. Their skin is yellow and some are even vomiting blood. In some cases the colour of their eyes seem to have changed.
Yeager blames Chandler and says that the mine is poisoning the water and killing the children.
Br. Chandler says that the illness is a visitation on the miners for their laziness and their unionising led by Br. Yeager.


Demonic Attacks
Arguably the children's poisoning, heavy rain fall has caused copper to leech into the local river, not due to the mine but the naturally high local copper deposits. Demons are exacerbating Wiley's illness hoping to kill him.

False Doctrine
Workers should control the means of production.

Corrupt Worship
Union organisational meetings are detracting from the miners time spent with their families and dedication to the church.

False Priesthood


Hate & Murder
Br. Yeager hates Chandler for firing him and if Wiley dies will try to kill Chandler.

What do the townspeople want from the Dogs
Brother Yeager wants to see the mine taken out of Br. Chandler's posession and ideally put under his stewardship.
Brother Chandler wants the Dogs to break up the incipient unionising and ideally to get rid of Br. Yeager.
Sister Content and various other wives in the area want something to be done to save their children.

What do the demons want?
The demons want to keep poisoning the towns children and to incite a physical conflict between the unionising workers and Br. Chandler.
They want to kill Riley to accelerate this process.

What do the demons want the Dogs to do?
The Demon's want the Dogs to leave the town without resolving the underlying conflict.

What would happen if the Dogs didn’t come?
If the Dogs didn't come many of the children would die, the workers would strike and Chandler would bring in outside strike breakers to crush the union. This would lead to widespread conflict and violence and the influx of outsiders would weaken the faith in the town.

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