Character Creation Outline

First Step: Background

Pick one of the following:

* Well-Rounded:

17d6 Stat Dice
1d4 4d6 2d8 Trait Dice
4d6 2d8 Relationship Dice

* Strong History:

13d6 Stat Dice
3d6 4d8 3d10 Trait Dice
1d4 3d6 2d8 Relationship Dice

* Complicated History:

15d6 Stat Dice
4d4 2d6 2d10 Trait Dice
5d6 2d8 Relationship Dice

* Strong Community:

13d6 Stat Dice
1d4 3d6 2d8 Trait Dice
4d6 4d8 3d10 Relationship Dice

* Complicated Community:

15d6 Stat Dice
6d6 2d8 Trait Dice
4d4 2d6 2d8 2d10 Relationship Dice

Second Step: Stats

Divide your Stat Dice among the four stats: Acuity, Body, Heart, and Will.

Third Step: Traits

Divide your Trait Dice among whatever traits you care to define. i.e. "Horsemanship 2d4", "I can't see well without my glasses 2d10", etc. "I'm a Dog" is a recommended trait.

If you can't think of any Traits to start with, start with "I'm a good shot"; add one based on where and how your character learned how to shoot; then add one unrelated but opposed like "I'm a good cook" or "I'm well-read".

Fourth Step: Relationships

Divide some of your Relationship Dice among other PCs or whatever NPCs you care to define. Don't create very many, and leave most of the dice unassigned.

Fifth Step: Belongings

Freely define whatever belongings you care to define for your character. A Dog generally owns at least a horse, a coat, a copy of the Book of Life, a small jar of consecrated earth for rituals, and a gun. Other possessions may be defined as needed, with dice according to the following:

Normal: 1d6
Big: 1d8
High Quality: 2d6
Big & High Quality: 2d8
Crap: 1d4
Guns: +1d4

Sixth and Final Step: Accomplishment

Define something that you hoped your character accomplished during initiation as a Dog. This will be played out as the stakes of a conflict.