01 - Life's Bazaar: OOC

01 - Life's Bazaar: OOC

OOC: Have at it everyone.

Post will be up in the morning. Work went late, and I didn't get a chance to edit it. It'll be worth it though.

I'll try to post at least 1/day. I'm working weekends as well now, so I won't be able to go much faster.

Also, first post is up.

As am I, I've been wanting to get something going for a a while now, so it's great to actually get going.

Looks like it's going to be fun. It's a first for me, but I'll try my best! I'll work on keeping my IC stuff from being too cheesy...XD

Kaze, remember to specify what spell youre casting. Just add it under the spoiler tags.


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