01 - Life's Bazaar: OOC

You must have angered the Dice gods somehow o.0 Quick! Go give them some kind of sacrifice! Like...cookies! :O

The dice are like an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend on this site lol. They will roll well for you, but only just enough for you to stay with them one more day .

Pretty nice, isn't it?

Posting will be slow for the next week or so, 12+ hr days at work. I'll have a post later tonight.

Yeah, let me look into the prereqs and I'll work something out. I'll details sometime Sunday.

@Prestidigitationer: Look into some of the Tiger Claw maneuvers for swordsage. Several of those provide a similar ability.

Sudden Leap allows you to make a jump check as a swift action and then a full attack at L1. At L5 Pouncing Charge lets you make a full attack after a charge at with your full attack bonus for EACH attack...

Barring that I'd also be willing to let you use the "Catfolks Pounce" feat even though it's normally only for catfolk.

It allows you to execute the pounce attack on flat footed opponents.

@kaze: The thing about the vaults was a joke but thank you for not having Siirna recognize it... it really fits with the withdrawn nature of my character. She probably hasn't ever heard Jaythor make a joke before anyway.


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