01 - Life's Bazaar: OOC

can we make knowledge checks for this riddle? specifically for malachitte. my wisdom score is not close to Deril's and i think he has a better chance at it lol.

I keep coming back to a ship "Malachitte hold" "the locks(boats use em) are the key" "doors with barnacles on em that look like teeth" but then i realize that we are in a mountain, with a small lake in the middle, that fills to the brim...why there are even docks i have no clue...wait, can ships get here some how?! (and it starts over lol)

Btw, that's also a serious question, can boats get to cauldron some how? (my logic says no, but my experience slaps me in the face with the word "magic")

Of course you can make checks. The message was the result of a using a church relic to cast divination. Hence the riddleness. More latter.


Keep laughing about how we are offered to have quarters arranged for us, but then you go ahead and arrange some quarters of your own like you are not impressed XD.

can we make multiple intelligence tests for the research? because if not, i'm probably just going to assist Kaze's character giving her a +2.

Multiple checks are fine. I wouldn't worry about failing any, because theses are mainly opportunities to get extra info so you don't head into some situations blind. That being said, Kaze's taking a hike for a bit and may return with someone extra... *cough cough Kerhsar cough cough* so pick of few topics/questions and we'll see what you can discover.

So, everyone have a good Labor Day weekend?


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