01 - Life's Bazaar: OOC

Just a heads up. Probably a good time to tell you this but Deril tends to skip meals, and not sleep because of night terrors (poor guy ). So Ur characters comment was right on the mark kershar lol. (and Deril simply didn't see you there until he pointed to you XD)

At Prestidigitationer: Just wanted to point out that the rolls are not the lowest and in fact Knowledge local I rolled a 19 for a total of 29, So I don't know where you are looking.

AT Crewmember: Awesome! I was hoping I was on the mark, but wasn't sure.

@Kershar: I said that the roll that had the highest modifier to it, which was Knowledge: History (+14), had the lowest total (23). Meaning that Knowledge (History) had a lower total than Knowledge (Local) or Knowledge (Other), even though it had a modifier (+14) that is higher than that of either of the others.

Post incoming.... finally. lol

And... it's up.

I know Terran, though I don't know if you would know that or not

Forgot to remove the edit notice at the top. I was doing some rolls to see what the results were before writing it all up, so yeah. Post away.

/facepalm stupid elf can't hide worth anything, let's just leave it at the last four rolls from the elf have been under 4, two of them 1's...

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