01 - Life's Bazaar: IC

It's late in the evening. The sky dark with clouds that are bringing a light drizzle down on the city of Cauldron. Most of the city is shut down at this point, any one of decent reputation having long since gone to sleep. You have all just finished cleaning up after the first and final showing in the city of Cauldron. It's a nice quiet night for now. Your five year contract with the circus is up and you're back where you first joined up. The three of you have headed out for something to eat at one of the taverns.

The silence is broken by screams and a weak cry for help. The three of you see two men being assaulted by a group of brutish thugs in the middle of the wide main street.

No initiatives yet, none of you have been spotted. The men being assaulted are about a hundred feet down the road from where the three of you are. What do you do?

Jaythor sighed and started walking toward the melee saying under his breath, "If your going to mug someone at least have the decency to do it quickly and in private."

He then slips into the shadows and approaches the gathering of men in silence.

Deril heard the scuffle long before he saw it. He had hoped that Jaythor would simply keep walking by...but of course he didn't. Deril didn't want to get involved but now he didn't have a choice.

Siirna grinned enthusiastically and melted into the shadows. "Ahhh, it's good to be home" she whispered as she crept closer towards the scene, making no more noise than a mouse. "Don't be too hard on them, after all, I have a reputation to keep up here" She murmured to her companions, eyes narrowed as she looked to get a better glimpse of the group ahead.

Jaythor makes good time, and while not as quiet as he'd like to be, the thugs are quite focused on their prey. Unbeknownst to him Siirna is moving up the street as well.

As you get closer(about 50ft away now) you all hear one of the thugs say, "Mind your own business, this is a warning" as he slams one of their victims face onto the cobblestone street. "We'll kill you if you don't leave it alone!"

Another thug holds the other victim while the remaining thief raises a large wood club to break the mans knees.

Surprise Round if you decide to attack. I'm adding another thread with details on how I'd like to run combats, comments are welcomed!
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+5, 1d20+2, 1d20 1d20 1d20, 1d20 1d20 1d20

Seeing the man raise the club sent shivers down Derils spine. The sound of breaking bones echoes through his skull as he imagines what is to come.

When the last words spill from his mouth the shadows behind the man with the club mold into a solid mass. When the "form" grew as tall as his target a large drooling maw sprouts from its mass and quietly whispers the words "drop it" into the thugs ear. Deril hoped he was not the only one who could see this happening, but he had the feeling he was.

Seeing the one thug slam a victim's face into the stone irritated Siirna. She clenched her jaw and continued advancing quietly. Once she was a bit closer she reached for a pouch on her belt and her lips began to move, eerily soft sounds emanating from them as her hand moved in slow, steady motions. Quickly, a stream of some strange, filmy substance spread about on the ground, directed towards the most thugs it could reach. As soon as she was done she slunk back into the shadows for cover.

Jaythor draws his axe and continues to creep toward the scene of violence taking the gruesome brutality of the thugs in his stride as he prepares to spring into action.

He bursts from the shadows at a precise and calculated run; no battle-cry, no scream, no wasted energy, just an intent to harm. Strangely the shadows seem to cling and swirl around him and make him elusive even in the well lit street he was running down.

The thug with the large club freezes, his eyes wide, that sensation of having something behind you, but there's nothing there.. The club drops to the ground with a loud thunking noise.

The thug that seems to be the leader, the on doing the talking barely manages to maintain his footing, but completely misses noticing the dwarf with a battle axe moving through shadows at an alarming rate.

The thief holding priest looses his grip and ends up face down on the ground in front of Jaythor. He sees the dwarf, but only the boots, strange swirling shadows and more importantly the rather large axe. "Splintershield's ghost! We're getting out of here, to much magic." the more vocal of the thugs shouts to the others as they start to withdraw to a nearby alley.

The priest, now free rushes over to the other man, raises a large silver holy symbol and heals him. The man gets up, dropping his badly torn cloak revealing himself to be quite well off.

"Thank you for your timely assistance citizens." the man says in a melodic voice. "Ruphus and I were in a bit of a pickle there." he says nodding towards the priest while simultaneously spitting out a tooth.

Both the men look quite roughed up, a split lip, black eye, and plenty of bruises, but nothing life threatening.

Siirna and Deril both recognize the well dressed man as Lord Vhalantru, a young but rising star of the nobility when they last were in cauldron. Deril happens to have heard that the Lord was responsible for starting the construction of a real sewage management system to prevent further outbreaks of plague.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+5, 1d20+2, 1d20+4, 1d20+4

Jaythor grunts in response to the man as he eyes the alley that the thugs retreated into.

If I had gotten here sooner then they would not have as much to thank me for... Not that I did anything anyway... Jaythor thinks to himself scathingly.

Turning to his companions he says, "You work well together." Which between that and the previous remark might be the most volunteered speech that they have ever heard from him in such a short period of time.


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