01 - Life's Bazaar: IC

Realizing that Jaythor gave him a compliment Deril responds with a weak smile and a "thanks". However, the compliment does not stop him from taking a swig of "gut rot" liquor to take the edge off his nerves. After knocking back the foul liquid he turns to the priest and Lord Vhalantru. "I'm glad you are ok, but if im not to bold in asking, why are a man of the cloth and a Noble lord walking the streets alone in the dark? These streets can be very dangerous" Realizing what he said may be slightly insulting Deril tries to salvage the situation. "Even with the careful eye of your loyal city guard"

After assessing the situation, Siirna withdrew from the shadows. She gave a polite smile and nod in response to Jaythor's words as she moved closer to the group. "I, too, am wondering for what purpose two respectable men would have for being out here at this time of night without their guards. I'm sure if the other nobles knew they would be quite worried for you." As she spoke she wondered how the political climate had changed while she was gone. The aristocracy had welcomed Lord Vhalantru warmly enough when he had first come to Cauldron, but then again...He had been a new face bringing with him a large sum of money. Things could have changed by now, after all, the aristocracy was known (at least to Siirna) as one of the most petty and jealous classes.

"Ahhh... Lady Saviqe is it not? I wasn't aware of your return, welcome home", Vhalantru says looking rather stressed, "But yes, why are a respectable lord and a priest of St. Cuthbert meeting in secret in the dead of night?"

"There's been a spate of kidnappings in Cauldron. More than forty people have gone missing, their houses ransacked and stripped of anything of value, but no signs of anyone breaking in.

"The watch has found nothing and refused to even consider them connected until the latest victims. Somehow, five of the children at the Lamplight orphanage have gone missing in the same way as the rest, doors open, unlocked, and not a trace of the children. Only five were taken, the rest of the children don't remember anything from that night."

"That sparked a small riot and the Watch finally had to admit that something was going on and they didn't have a single clue."

Vhalantru pauses to catch his breath, obviously he's rather worked up about all this, "I was told by Father Ruphus that his church has some information about the children's location, but we were attacked before we could get back to the temple of St. Cuthbert."

"Yes, we do have information Lord Vhalantru." the priest interjects, "though I do caution telling them any more", he turns towards the three of you and quickly comments, "I am grateful for you saving us, being clubbed to death really isn't a great way to sainthood" before turning back to Vhalantru, "it's simply to dangerous, we don't know who they are loyal to."

"You're point is well taken Father, though I think they should be safe as the Saviqe family is friendly to our cause."

Turning to the three of you Vhalantru pauses, like he's sizing you up or contemplating the consequences. He nods to himself and says to Ruphus, "They may be exactly who we need, no connections to the watch or Mayor and they're not suspects since they weren't in town up until now.

Vhalantru turns to the three of you, "I am interested in retaining your services as "problem solvers". If you're interested, accompany us to the Temple of St. Cuthbert, I can assuredly make it well worth your while."

Jaythor looks at the two men, one with his expensive clothes and the other holding his holy symbol, standing in the street talking of plots, kidnappings, and possible murder and starts to chuckle which quickly becomes a booming laugh.

"Lord Vhalantru, I would happily offer my services to you." Siirna smiles, giving a slight bow instead of a curtsey that would look awkward when wearing pants and not a dress. "Any cause of my parents must be a noble one. I am also disturbed by this news, to hear that such things are happening in the city I grew up in." She paused to frown, "I find it quite disconcerting that this is the first news I am to hear after returning home. Though I shall not speak for whether or not my companions wish to join, I can vouch on their behalf. They are most trustworthy."

Jaythor's laughter dies away slowly and he abruptly says, "I have to pee," before walking into the alleyway that the thugs escaped through.

Deril finishes up his drink while watching Jaythor walk down the alley. "I will never truly understand that man" he thinks as he screws the lid back on tight. Truthfully, he had not been paying attention very closely to what the noble had said. Rather, he had been focusing on Jaythors laughter. However, the mention of missing children sparked interest in his apathetic attitude. "i am willing to help out, cant speak for Jaythor but im pretty sure he is in too. We will do all we can to teach who ever is responsible as to why people are afraid of the dark."

Siirna nods in agreement at Deril, then looks back at Lord Vhalantru and the Priest. "We should probably start moving. The darkness doesn't bother me...but it will accept anyone into it's cloak." She glances around, ears twitching as if she is listening for something.

Both Lord Vhalantru and Ruphus look at Jaythor quizzically after his laughter and announcement. Quickly recovering his composure Ruhpus breaks into the conversation, "Yes, some place not out in the open would be excellent, the Temple is close, just around the corner actually. he says motioning towards the towering white marble tower only a block away. "St. Cuthbert provides help yet again. I'll go ahead and let them know we're coming. Please see the Lord Vhalantru arrives safely."

With that Ruphus says a quick prayer and all of a sudden grows to twice his size. "I can take core of things when I'm not surprised" he says with a slightly sheepish grin before sprinting off towards the church at a rather surprising speed.

Almost as if on queue the wind picks up, dark clouds start to block the moon, and it goes from a light misting of water to a heavy downpour.

"Well, lead on, I don't suppose your friend is finished yet?" Vhalantru says looking a bit bedraggled in his mismatched ragged cloak and fine jewelry.

Jaythor emerges from the alleyway and takes in the departure of Ruphus in a glance. He walks up to the three people standing in the street and waits for something to happen.


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