01 - Life's Bazaar: IC

Vhalantru peers at the coins, "I've heard that strange coinage was showing up around town, I haven't heard more than rumors about them though. Something about one of the local gangs making them. The gold's fine, just not what everyone is used to."

Siirna turns to Jaythor, "I'm guessing you picked these up from when those thugs fled, am I right? From what I remember, their faces were painted like harlequins, which would indicate their connection to a small local gang of thieves. Well, a small gang five years past. They may very likely have grown to be a much stronger force, though the equipment of the thugs we encountered wasn't in the best shape."

Jaythor nodded to Deril as he walked away. When Siirna asked for the coin he picked one up of the table and gave it to her grunting an affirmative at her comments.

Siirna takes the coin and slips it into a pocket. "I guess I'll be off then. I won't be too long. Good luck on your end." she says as she bows slightly and then slips out the front doors again, reentering the night.

Deril was wondering what was taking so long. But it didn't matter, he kind of liked being alone with the books.

Eventually Derils eyes tired. "i need a break" he says out loud as he stretches. He closes his stack of books and goes looking for Jaythor.

(when he finds him) "i was thinking, we should probably check out some of the areas where the crime occurred, maybe we can find something out there."

Jaythor had been standing outside looking at the sky enjoying the feeling of the rain on his face. He had always found indoors (especially libraries) to be restrictive and stuffy. But here... now... this was what he was made for.

Upon hearing Deril's comment Jaythor grunts and nods saying, "Lets find out where they are."

Deril's hours of research pay off. He discovers that the last known route to the Malachite hold was through the ruins of Jzadirune, an abandoned gnomish enclave, also located somewhere under the city.

There was a strange plague called the "Vanishing" that caused people to dispensary that caused the enclave to be abandoned and sealed. Some of the older, more established gnomes in the city might know how to enter, even though it was more than seventy years ago. It is likely to be a "delicate" subject, as quite a few people died and the gnomes took the brunt of the blame for decades.

I'm going to assume that everyone took a nap/ate sometime during the night/early morning. So you're all fully rested, and had a good meal.


"Ah Valintia my love. I have returned from the circus for good this time. It as been too long since I have left this place, that we both have called home in years pasted. I am sorry I have not visited more often, my love. Here are some flowers for you," Azarilos says as he places the flowers down on the ground. "I am not sure what to do now that I'm back in Cauldron. It has indeed be way too long." Azarilos lets out a sigh and sits in silence for a while in the empty graveyard in front of his wife's grave. The sun is just starting to spread it's rays over the horizon, and far off a bird can be heard chirping in the forest. A slight breeze brushes his clock out behind him, but Azarilos does not notice, for he is deep thought, about years, long pasted and things that could have been but are now lost forever...

The warmth of the sun's rays over him bring him back to the present. Azarilos looks around realizing it is now several hours later, he says, "My Love I must be going now. I promise I will visit more often than I have in the past. And agian I am sorry that I was not strong enough to save you." With one final look back at the grave, Azarilos walks back to the city.

Upon reaching the city Azarilos decides to walk around the city to see who is still around from his days here, now almost ten years ago, and to see what has changed.

Azarilos happens to run into Sirrna as she's heading back to the church to report her findings to Deril and Jaythor. They arrive at the temple of St. Cuthbert and see Jaythor and Deril chatting on the steps of the temple with the rain having recently stopped over this part of town.

I try not to railroad, but I'm trying to get things rolling. If you want to split up to investigate the different crime scenes or follow up on other ideas you have for leads, go for it.

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