01 - Life's Bazaar: IC

Deril paces back and forth recalling what he found from his research to recite to his companions. When he sees Sirrna walk up he immediately starts blabbering out his plan for fear he would forget what he learned. "Ok, here is the short version. Apparently the Malachite hold is somewhere in the ruins of Jzadirune. The exact location i could not find, but it is very likely that an older gnome might know its exact location. However, because of what happened there they may not want to cooperate. Secondly, me and Jaythor found that it would be prudent to check the most recent crime scenes. Time is of the essence so we should probably split up and search the houses, and meet back here when we are through." Taking a swig of his gut rot he points to Jaythor "why dont you take the most recent", points to Sirrna, "the one before", and points to Azarilos and pauses. "when did you get here Azarilos?, never mind, we will get through the formalities later. You think you could find a Gnome with the information we need?" lastly he points to himself, "and of coarse il look at a third" He immediatly stops pasing and turns to the group. "so, sound like a plan?"


"Nice to see you too Deril," Azarilos says with a little sarcastic humor. "And I'm pretty sure that a quickling would have trouble keeping up with the speed at which you just explained all that. Though don't worry I got it and Sirrna caught me up on the events last night. Apparently I should have left with you guys instead of having a drink with the circus master before I left." As he speaks Azarilos is trying to remember anything at all of Jzadirune and Malachite or of any gnome that he may know that would help them out. Azarilos continues talking," O, and Deril did you get any sleep last night or food for that matter? And your gut rot does not count." Azarilos quickly interjects. "If not you may want to at least eat before you do anything else. If we happen to end up at Jzadirune today though doubtful you will need your strength"

"i slept...but did not eat" Deril says as if he just realized it himself. He also notices how quickly he is succumbing to his drinks alcoholic effects due to his empty stomach. "you are right, I will stop in the market to get something to munch on." Deril turns to go get some food before making his way to his crime scene.

Siirna smiles, "You two seem to have found quite a bit more than I did. I did find that these coins were minted by a local thieves guild, the "Last Laugh" they seem to be called. They're rumored to have connections to either the Watch or the nobility...or perhaps both." She tosses the coin she borrowed back to Jaythor. "Very well," she says, slightly more solemn, "I assume we'll meet back here when we're all finished with our individual assignments. Well then, good luck to you all." She salutes casually with a slight nod and slips off towards the Academy.

I'm running these threads in the open, since if we were playing in person, we'd all end up hearing anyways. Plus, it's more entertaining.


"AH AHH!!! I have it," Azarilos says as he comes out of his contemplation and deep thought. He looks around and realizes that he is the only one in the room. "O, darn they left and without even a 'Good Bye' or ' Good Luck.' O well I guess I will just follow the new information that I have remembered," He says to the now empty room. With that Azarilos heads out as well to Keygan Ghelve's shop hoping he can catch the gnome before he leaves.

Upon Reaching the gnome's shop, Azarilos knocks on the door to see if the gnome is there.

Siirna slips into Jasper's rooms, casting a wary eye about her. She takes in what she sees and tries to recall what his rooms were like the last time she was here, the day she left with the circus.

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