Spring Creek's red light district

Spring Creek's red light district

It had been such a very nice morning. The small town of Spring Creek had slowly started this saturday, when all of a sudden, something weird from the outside world had hit the sleepy creek town.

A green car had razed into town, followed by a group of dark SUVs, that fired at, and apparently killed the people in the green car. But at that very moment, an eerie red light had been seen in the center of the town. Only a few people had been out and around at the time, including 7 teenagers.

As if that wasn't enough, the people from the SUVs (behaving like a group of scientists and mercenaries from some cheap Hollywood movie), had occupied the town center for a few minutes, and then left, taking the bodies with them.

The teenagers had assembled in small groups in the dinner and around the crashed car when the sheriff arrived at the place of the "accident".

Life had stopped for a few minutes in Spring Creek, staying it's breath, while this event unfolded. Though once the weird MIB had left Spring Creek, the towns heart started to beat again, with more and more people coming to see, and gossip. That's what you do after events are over. And the event was over, right?

All, please make a perception roll.

Justin started the day with modest hopes. Get up, clock in for work at the diner that John's parents owned, hang up his apron at noon, and then he'd have the day free to do what he wanted. He wasn't sure what that was yet, but after a week of being a fairly upstanding citizen he planned to have some time-wasting fun.

Right then, he was rubbernecking. The sound of roaring engines and a hail of gunfire brought everyone in the diner out onto the street. He watched the men from the Government or something drag the bodies out of the crashed car, make a little speech saying there was nothing to see here, and then peel off. The sheriff showed up pretty quick, just as puzzled as the rest of them. Justin decided to put on his thinking cap and come up with a way to be at the center of the biggest thing to happen to Spring Creek in years. Just had to
If Justin's using his "normal" perception, it's 11. If he's using his perception post power-up, it's 14.
Dice Roll: 3d6
d6 Results: 6, 1, 3 (Total = 10)
look for the right moment.

Then came the rush. Justin had always been a fine physical specimen, fit, agile, and healthy as horse. But suddenly he felt much better. It was like someone took a load off of his back. With a few experimental steps, he was moving further with less effort. And somebody had upped the resolution of the TV screen while they were at it. He could see sharper farther and more clearly, hear better, even smell the aroma of grease and comfort food that suffused the diner better than he ever could before.

It. Was. Awesome.

Then things got trippy. Justin started feeling the air moving. Not against his skin, like it would if there was a breeze. He just felt it like he could feel the t-shirt on his back. And he was pretty sure he could pick out people moving in that air. He knew someone was walking towards him, even with his back turned. A quick backwards glance confirmed it was Mr. Jacobs. And then he started feeling farther out, and the vibrations and currents were overwhelming. There was so much movement! Planes, cars, cities, people, on and on and on. He had to block off, shove it into a tiny corner of his mind where it wouldn't overwhelm him.

Justin's little reverie was interrupted by Mr. Jacob's gruff voice, asking him if he planned to do any work during his shift. Justin shook his head hard to clear out the strange sensations, but they wouldn't go away.

"Yeah, will do." Justin said. "I'm just not feeling too good."

Rose Starke

Rose was cranky.

She hated getting up in the morning. Normally it was a requirement, what with the day-to-day labors required to keep the farm running and the expectations of school, but she was always
Slow Riser disad
muzzy-headed for the first hour of the day.

Saturday was supposed to be her day off; the day Pa or her brother Sam cooked breakfast, fed the chickens, and checked the fields, while Rose slept in. But this Saturday, of all days, she had suddenly sat bolt upright in her bed, disturbed by a sudden feeling in the hairs on her arms and neck like a storm was coming. Of course, that was ridiculous; the weather was supposed to be fine! But it looked like sleep was no longer an option for this weekend morning.

Grumbling steadily to herself -- probably much like previous generations of her German and Swedish forebears -- Rose got up and got dressed, donning the sack-like t-shirt and baggy jeans that she favored, both for comfort and to disguise her own girth. She found her way around the room through touch and long-standing familiarity, until her eyeglasses joined the rest of her ensemble and she could finally see clearly past a yard or so away.

Well, at least she could make something of the day. She'd finished another of John McPhee's books on geology last night before bed, so she might as well bicycle into town to get the next one from the library. Pausing only to scrawl a note on the refrigerator's notepad and shovel down the remains of Eric's breakfast -- How can anybody possibly treat an egg that badly? -- Rose stepped out of the Starke farmhouse to get her bike from the barn.

As her foot hit the dirt outside the front door, she felt the strangest vibration, straight up through her leg and running into every bone in her body, as if the earth were some giant bell and she were part of its ringing. She gave a little shuffle. Darned growing pains! Still she was on edge. Checking to make sure she had the older McPhee book tucked into her "rambling-around" caddy, Rose mounted the bike, pedaled down the long dirt track leading from the farmhouse to the county road, and headed for Spring Creek.

She sang to herself as she pedaled -- snatches of old folk songs her father loved, some of the classical and Broadway tunes they practiced in school choir, bits and pieces of pop tunes she heard from Sam or from others at school, anything that would fit the cadence of her pedaling -- and so passed the time until at last the road turned into the cluster of buildings that seemed a virtual metropolis to someone used to a house and a barn amidst vast fields.

The library was just past the town square, where that funny old statue of Benjamin Franklin stood. But as she turned in, Rose slammed on the brakes, skidding the bike to a stop as she gazed in surprise. The statue was totaled, crushed beneath the mangled wreckage of a green automobile. The pavement around the car was slick with... her stomach churned on Sam's half-digested egg. Is that blood? What the heck was happening here?

Howahkan had been on the bluffs over looking Spring Creek riding his horse in the early morning. He liked being as close to the sky as he ws able, it made him feel closer to the spirits of his ancestors somehow. Howahkan had always had a feeling for the spirit world; at least that's what the tribal Elders had told him. Unusually calm and centered for a person his age, "Wise beyond his years" was a phrase often used to describe him by the old men of the tribe.

Up on the bluffs, meditating, and just honestly enjoying the beautiful day the Great Spirit had blessed the world with, Howahkan witnessed the car chase, crash, and flash of red light. Always concerned with the well being of others, he knew he needed to get down into town quickly. Finding a faint trail down the bluffs, the young medicne man led his horse at an almost breakneck pace down the barely visible switchback trail. Followed by his friends, Kanjee (a raven) and Akecheta (a wolf), Howahkan mounted his horse (Itago) and rode quickly to the crash site.

As his horse's unshod hooves clattered over the asphalt streets, Howahkan felt a growing sense of
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 1, 1, 2 (Total = 4)
I made it! I don't freakin' believe it! Haha!
dread and foreboding washing over him. Swaying in the saddle as he came to a stop near the back of the crowd gathered to look at the mangled green car now that the strangers had left in their SUV's. With tears streaming from his eyes, Howakhan doesn't trust himself to dismount for fear he'll not be able to stand.
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 3, 4, 2 (Total = 9)
Looking over the scene, his vision blurred with tears, Howahkan hopes against hope that no one was injured. Leaning against Itago's sturdy neck, the despair and hopelessness of an enormous unnamed fear, almost causes Howakhan to slide from his horse and lie curled in a crumpled heap, whimpering. Something holds his head up from within, though. Just barely is he able to keep his senses as the dark tide of fear threatened to overwhelm him, Howahkan believes it is the spirits of his ancestors that demands he witness..... something.

Leonard McKinsey

Leonard is in room and feels terrible. Half the town must have seen him in his night's clothes! The only thing his father did was showing his disapproval. *sshole! He still has the sd-card from Allison. He really made a fool of himself there. Hopefully, Kris hasn't really noticed. He liked Kris. Smart girl.. could have been a guy given the way I feel at home in her presence. Must be cool to develop something together. She can do the hardware, I could program the thing.... oh well, stop daydreaming! Allison gave you an assignment .

He tries to connect to the internet but for some reason, the line is dead. Weird. I don't believe there were thunderstorms lately. He also becomes quite hungry. However, he doesn't want to breakfast downstairs and get a lecture about maintaining public appearance from his dad. Suddenly the idea of going back to the diner and having breakfast there sounds really good. I can just sit in the back, enjoy a good breakfast and hear the others talk. . He dresses himself. and goes down the stairs.

His father is downstairs and yells.
Now look Leonard. I know you don't take good care about yourself and don't give a sh*t about how you make a fool of your parents by your behavior. Going out in underwear, is however, a real low record. Especially, if you are a thick fat-*ss, who should be dressed in a burqa to avoid hurting other peoples' eyes. His mother stands behind him, visibly saddened by her husband's outburst.

Leonard doesn't respond and walks as fast as he can outside. When he closes the front door he finally let's his anger show by
thr dam?:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 3, 2, 6, 3 (Total = 13)
slamming it behind him at full power. He doesn't look back but walks directly to the diner.

Reia Heyes

Perception 14:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 1, 2, 2 (Total = 5)

Reia is awake with a sweat and a murmur. She had dreamed that she was stealing, but with every pocket she picked or sale item she slipped into her coat, the world became darker: gray, filthy, and covered in soot. She was destroying it with her actions but gave no thought to stopping. As she sat up, gained awareness of the real world, she made a few notes about it in her journal, just in case she wanted to use it in her writing later.

Her room wasn't tidy, but it was as clean as the rest of the house. She wasn't a neat freak, but she explained to her friends that they were going to live here in the place that they rented as adults, and everyone did their share of the cleaning and didn't leave messes for others to clean up. She supposed it was easier since they were all chicks. Like her friends rooms, her own had music posters, occult trinkets, and a bunch of CDs. lying around. The comforts of her room do little for her, and so she goes out into the hall.

Most of her clique is already here, and the ones that aren't soon arrive. They had an informal arrangement to spend weekends together, planning their outfits for the coming school week, going shopping, or just generally hanging out and listening to music. In the living room, Reia turns on some soft rock, she's too drained for the heavy metal she usually listens to. Her friends make no comment on it, their lifestyle is one of experimentation and acceptance, they don't trash each other for listening to non-traditional music or not dressing in enough black.

She can't understand why she feels so fragile and afraid. Normally she's afraid of tangible things like guns and cancer. But the feeling of dread is real, and she knows it's not limited to her. Wordless, sniffling a bit, she sits on the couch, hugging one of her friends. The rest are nearby, one of them is brushing her hair, another is making a sketch, more are chatting quietly, getting each other up to date on what they saw the night before. Reia had had to grow up without a family. No parents, not even a brother or sister. She had always felt alone, isolated. Which is why she had always tried to draw others toward her, so she could replace her family. Today she thought she had succeeded.

Geoff moves up from the position he took to scout the crash from a far, originally just being his cautious self, now being extra cautious. "Come on Titus" Geoff says with a pat on the head. He can't shake the feeling that the danger is not over, looking past his shoulder like he expects to see someone or something thats not there. At the same time he tries to clear his vision, to anyone looking he would almost look obsessive the way he is rubbing his eyes and blinking. As Geoff reaches the site he calls out to two familar faces, seeing both in the woods many times when he had to live there. Feeling responsible for the two Geoff gives a motion, "Hey you two, lets leave the sheriff be...why don't we go get a bite to eat. I can spot you guys." He knows that these kids were too young to be seeing the remains of the crash. It was evident in both Johnny and Rose's reactions, he was simply just trying to sway thier attention. Geoff gives a last look over his shoulder and past both kids before they hopefully head to the diner.

Dice Roll: 3d6
d6 Results: 4, 4, 2 (Total = 10)
Perception 14

Rose Starke

Rose blushed as she dismounted from the bicycle, reflexively checking to make sure the book was still tucked into her waistpack, then jerking her hand back again. Right, these aren't cool, even though they're so efficient....

She recognized Geoff, of course; she'd accidentally happened across his campsite, one time while rambling through the woods around Spring Creek, and had been absolutely terrified of the big man and his dog until he calmly offered to share his meal. She'd never told her father about that meeting, or the other times they'd met by chance, here and there in the wild areas around the town; Rose wasn't at all sure what Pa would think of her meeting an older boy, and one so indifferent in school, who'd been kicked out of his own home.

Still, he had invited Howahkan, too. (Mentally she repeated the pronunciation in her head, trying to get it right.) She knew him, too, also from her "rambles." They had sat, once, upon on the valley's edge, sharing stories, from both science and folklore, about the rock formations along the rim, and Rose had always felt fairly safe with him, even if it was kind of odd that he always had that wolf and that raven around.

So, it was weird. But it would also be rude to refuse such an invitation, and Rose also couldn't keep down her curiosity about what Geoff might have seen here in the square. Was he around when the crash happened? Rose mused. I wonder if he'll tell us?

The war of emotions was
Easy to Read
clear on Rose's face, but at last she squared her shoulders and rolled the bike over to the front of the diner. She unwound the bulky Kryptonite lock from the frame and tied up the bicycle, then looked at Howahkan, smiled shyly, and said, "I guess my ride is harder to secure than yours." Waiting for him to go first, Rose prepared to enter the diner and find out what was going on.

"Hey guys!" Justin says, turning around as the trio walks into the diner. He started turning to face them before the door even opened, but he tries to put that out of his mind.

He knew Geoff fairly well. They were in the same grade at school after all. He didn't know Rose or Johnny personally, but the wrestling girl and the weird Indian kid had their own reputations.

"Did you see the car chase or the crash? I heard some of it, but all I saw was those Government types pulling bodies out of the car and telling everyone that there was nothing to see here."


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