OOC Talk

OOC Talk

Keep going guys, I'll give input whenever it suites. Sorry if I'm a bit slow. As some of you might know from other threadfs, I managed to start the two games ... and then get flooded with RL work.

Heh, s'all good. I'm just waiting to see what failing a perception roll gets me; are we just picking someplace to start at random? I wasn't in the last game, so I don't have any 'day before' stuff to use.

Galedeep -- I'm playing a different character than in the defunct campaign, so I just picked someplace reasonable for my PC to be on a Saturday morning, and then gave her a sensible reason to travel to where all the action is.

It sounds like Krys wants us to do some character-building and interaction until the work schedule dies down a bit. :-) And that's a perfect opportunity to exert some narrative control for yourself.

Hey guys,

I have to say sorry for being that slow again. To fill you in what is happening:

I finished my apprenticeship (dual work and school) as well as the first step of my modular university education just this summer. So the good news is: I don' have three "jobs" to handle anymore. Instead I got offers from several potential employers, including the one I was working for during the apprenticeship. Plus my modular university education continues. So basically I'm "down" to two jobs only. That's the good thing. It's also good that my old employer is offering me a much more responsible positio (with a VERY significant raise of salary) ...

As you can imagine this comes with a much higher workload (and travelling) as well. At the moment the preparation for this shift in responsibilities is taking up much of my free time. It's also not sure yet, if I have to move to a different city or even country (one of the possibilities in the offers I have).

Still, I think I can juggle all this, and continue playing/GMing here ... just rather slow for the next weeks. Once everything has settled in, I can surely return to a more useful posting rate. So I hope it's ok for you to bear patience with me.

Yours Ana-Kristin

I'm IT-economist now, and did teach adults basic IT knowledge during my apprenticeship (from advanced word lessons till programming basics). Though from now on, it will be more proprietary software (SAP and the ilk), as well as integration of new software packages. Oh and demand analysis and ... well basically I'll work either rather independently with our customers Europe-wide, or directly with our company management. Probably a mixture of both. It all depends on what I work out with university.

Any chance we can get a trickle of new data to play with? It seems we've had enough opportunity for the "new" characters to catch up with all the information the "old" characters had... but that means we're a bit stuck, unless we do some more role-playing of ordering brunch and idly chatting.

A couple folks have been posting descriptions of super-powers emerging, either gradually or in flashes. Is it okay to run with that while you're regaining your feet, or do you have a "big reveal" planned?

I'll post something this afternoon. Concerning your powers it would be good if you find out about them gradually and slowly for now, as I'll give you ample opportunity (read disastrous events) to discover them.

I just didn't want to rush you into thos events before I can make sure that I can give you proper attention.

If people could look at Howahkan, I think he's done with 5 cp left. I would like someone to make sure I did the math right and especially his insubstantial/Terror/Affliction combo. I also have a question about alternative abilities, and limited use. It says under limited use that each use lasts a minute. OK, so if I pop Terror, then decide I'd like to use the Affliction, does that stop Terror? Which is fine, I just need to know for strategy purposes.

And congrats Krys BTW.

Bhack: Galedeep and I both glossed over the "and what would you like to eat" dialogue and just gave brief mention to bringing out all the food. Sorry about the confusion, but you can assume that whatever Geoff would have ordered is sitting in front of him.

Speaking of assumptions in play, I kind of decided on the spur of the moment that Justin worked part-time at John's parents' diner. In retrospect, I should have run that by Galedeep. :sheepish:


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