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OK, what do you prefer? A short post after 24 hours of traveling and working (and no sleep, that's taking its toll even on me)? Or allow me a few hours of sleep and regeneration, for a much longer post? Sorry, for my babbling, I'm beyond tired, and still exited about the unexpected job-related developments.

Krys, congratulations on what sounds like challenging and rewarding work.

But you're going to make me cry if this campaign dies for a second time while we're all still sitting in the diner....

Don't worry it wont die. I know, I'm not very active at the moment. Actually all I'm able to do atm is take a quick look into this forums, post something short and then head back for work. But you are not forgotten, promised. Still, please bear patience a bit longer with me, till I find time (and more importantly the necessary silence of mind) for a nice well rounded post.

I'll resume the games soon. The crazy time seems to be almost over.

Originally Posted by Genocide Device
how are things on the home front.
Well, I've seen more of Europe in those few weeks, than I have seen on all my families travels the last 19 years. So yeah, it was busy, and is slowly getting down to "normal chaos". Meaning that I can finally try to get some hours at the evening to answer posts again.

OK ... question to all: are you still interested to revive this game? As you might have guessed my life is still ... interesting. Still there is a silver lining on the horizon, and it seems I finally will have time for my hobbies again.

So ... if enough players are interested in this game, I would stop the hiatus, and restart. Comments?

I see Pablo Diablo hasn't been on since July 26 (which I'm sure is also putting a crimp in Krys' "Rosa or 2die4"). Also, whytewizard has been absent since Aug. 24 (which caused a bit of a hiccup in the Space game where he was negotiating our cargo contract!). Bhack has been silent since Sep. 2.

However, EvilRoeSlade and Connington both seem to be active. Are four people enough to continue, Krys, if they both agree? (Or would you want to try to recruit extras, like Avianpilot, currently serving as a reader?).


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