Campaign Traits

  • Rigging Rat: Youíve been aboard ships most of your life and have little trouble navigating the deck and rigging of a ship at sea.
    Benefit: +1 to all acrobatics and climb checks. Acrobatics and Climb are considered class skills.
  • Mercantile: Your parents were part owners of a merchant ship and you picked up some of the finer points of communication and negotiation necessary for business.
    Benefit: +1 to all diplomacy and linguistics checks. Diplomacy and Linguistics are considered class skills. (bonus to linguistics grants 1 additional language known)
  • Navigator: You are well versed in identifying where you are on both land and sea. Maps and instruments are your bread and butter.
    Benefit: +1 to survival and knowledge(geography) checks. Survival and Knowledge(geography) are considered class skills.
  • Pressed into Service: A victim of circumstance, you found yourself pressed into duty on a navy ship. The hard labors you experienced during that time have given you additional resilience to the harsh environs of the sea.
    Benefit: +1 to Fortitude saves and +4 to environmental checks such as heat, cold, holding your breath, etc.
  • Fisherfolk: Youíve been plying the coast for as long as you can recall, pulling fish from the water to eat or to sell.
    Benefit: +1 to survival and swim checks. Survival and Swim are considered class skills.
  • On the Run: You didnít do it! Honest! They still keep coming after you, though. Maybe it was petty larceny, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, sleeping with the magistrateís daughter, or maybe you were framed. Whatever it was, it put you on the run.
    Benefit: +1 to Bluff and Disguise. Bluff and Disguise are considered class skills.