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I am curious how many people are melee focus, ranged focus, or mixed. Mostly because I plan to aim on way or the other (not enough feats and abilities to handle both effectively). Obviously the exact amount is subject to change based on who Sintaqx selects for his game, but might help to give others ideas in terms of party planning.

Overall I was planning on playing the ships handyman/random fixer, especially up in the rigging. Main duties would be navigation and scouting. Mechanics-wise will be rogue like with stealth, trap, & scouting skills with probably some geography and survival knowledge. Fighting in either melee or ranged (ranged worked better but when I started making the character there was only 2 spell casters).

While a completely balanced combat crew is not my main criteria in character selection (there will be NPCs and opportunities for Leadership/cohort/hirelings later on), it is something I consider as a tie-breaker when considering a character.

Welcome aboard! We'll get things started off soon, but first I would like each of you to create a thread in the Characters folder for your character. This will be where you jot down your information, notes, spells, etc.

The first entry in your thread should contain your statblock and a link to your character sheet at the very least.

Thanks for the invite, really looking forward to this game! Will get a thread up now, do you want them to be private?

How long has Rytur been on board the Breeze before the mutiny? just trying to hazard dates for prologue and fitting dates for my background.

Writing up a bit more detail, but Rytur has been aboard for 8 months. Most of his cronies have only been aboard for 2 or 3 months. The Boatswain and the Sailing Master were replaced 2 months ago, the quartermaster 3 months before that. The carpenter came aboard at the same time as Rytur.

Yeah. I kinda had the same question for Ela. She couldn't had been on the ship for long either. I'm guessing all the changes happened before she herself came aboard.


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