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Ela would have come aboard with the Boatswain and the Sailing master, so 2 months before now. They boarded in Magnimar and then sailed to Absalom. From Absalom they set sail for Bloodcove and then the ship is returning to Magnimar when the mutiny occurs.

cool thanks, so my my reckoning Tempest joined the crew in 4703 (aged 16) has it been the same captain for all that time (9 years)?

rightyho, It seems we all have different times for joining the ship, could be useful for us to create a time-line to know, especially when it comes to RPing some before the event interactions. Maybe we could plan some events which some of the crew were party to. in other games I have played in we have worked several prologues some group some just between pairs or smaller groups it really helped gel a sense of having been together a long time before we got down to play. That's if folk want to of course and if its ok with you Sintaqx!

We can do some individual/pair/etc threads, no problem. I'm not doing individual prologues in this one for reasons that will soon be seen. I'm putting together a timeline of the crew comings and goings, as well as significant events (like a recent storm, or the sailing master getting tossed into prison in Absalom) and some of those can be played out while the main timeline is also progressing.

sounds good...I'll stop pestering you then I'm off line soon for the night (time zone madness)

The setting is always the same, a brisk fine day at sea, before the retirement of most of the crew and before the arrival of Rytur, the new First Mate, and his cronies.
I'm not allowed to post in the prologue thread. <_<;


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