OOC/The Galley

lol. I knew it was not intentional. I was waiting for others to post first anyway... least I would of posted already. I didn't want to start the prologue with me coming on board.

I was going to set up a prologue but was waiting to see dates for every one, didn't want to miss anyone out of the thread because they were not there!

I've added some information here concerning the timeline and have set up some threads for then each individual comes aboard. The main 'Before it all' thread can be used for regular shipboard RP in any timeframe, just remember to title your post with the date.

I'll start the main thread Monday, we still have one character who has not yet accepted. If he hasn't joined by then, I'll have to send out an invite to one of the reserves and we will kick this thing off.

In the prologues thread, I am assuming the person above them can post in the threads below them. As they are on the ship already.

Don't know why I asked that, as it doesn't apply to me cause I'm the last on board. lol. Are you still going to keep the thread before it all open? Or are you going to delete that? Or change the title too, During it all. heh heh.

edit: I was ninja'ed

Edit again: I thought u said we where five? Who is the fifth?

I'm going to start the main story thread, assume that any missing characters are currently unconscious.

To avoid confusion, the Gerald in my prequel is not Ela's father. Its her brother. Name Gerald... Gerald Jr so to say.

Errmmm. I call foul. Rollo is using indigo... that's my color.... <_<;

Also, the fifth person has no accepted. Best time to replace whoever it was would be now, that is if you want to. lol.

Hello all and thanks for having me

(hides the corpse of the former invited person in her cupboard)

It seems the Sea Witch couldn't make it (pushes the cupboard shut tighter) so I'm here in his place

Just catching up quickly with what has been written.

My character bio explains how I arrived on board, though I didn't specify a date as such. I am assuming she has been on board a few years but I'm flexible as to the exact details. She doesn't after all age, something she has not yet become totally aware of.

In terms of position on the ship, Griselda is a carpenter.


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