OOC/The Galley

So things are clear, the spot where the sacrifice took place is about 100 yards from where group 1 has built their house, but happened before their landing.

Just a note: I'm at my folks' place for opening day of deer season and the power's gone out due to ice on the power lines. No idea when it'll be back but I can't do a full post from my phone.

Oh great so we built our house on top of a sacrifice spot! Evil GM!

Well, guess I'm outvoted on this one. Let's wander about the island hoping the creature doesn't stumble upon us instead of luring it into a well planned trap. I'm sure glad our DM has promised to oblige us by keeping the demon minotaur in one place and not hunting us down despite being aware of our presence! ^_^

Oh, wait. He hasn't...? 0_o

Sarah! The voice of wishful thinking and too much caution, all at the same time!


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