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Since Griselda has been on board a while, she would have impressions and feelings about the other characters, so just going to put a quick summary of how she views the others. Usually I make a thread for it so everyone can do the same but since the game has started the rest of you already have some interaction so I'll just do it for Griselda.


Griselda likes Rollo and enjoys his company. When he is working, his seriousness makes her feel safer because she knows she can depend on his competence. When he is not working, his laughter and jokes help her forget her own worries, and she loves to laugh along. Besides, she thinks he is pretty good looking, though she is careful not to tell him that.


Griselda found Tempest's focus a bit intimidating at first, but this soon became admiration for her dedication and skill, and the fact that she was a good and kind person. Griselda still finds her disconcerting during storms, as a sailor Griselda tends to think of Stroms as the enemy and Tempests obvious afinity with them is both worrying and reassururing in a strange way. Griselda tends to be rather defer to Tempest as she sees the woman as far more of a sailor than herself.


Griselda likes Brendan's songs and loves the stories, and always gathers round when he is singing or telling a tale. She is a little uncomfortable sometimes in conversation with him though, simply because he is so much more skilled at it than she, and his verbal fencing is beyond anything she can counter, though he is not mean about it. She admires his talent, and her very shapt intelect appreciates his extensive knowledge and travels, but her tongue feels like lead around him. She does however fully share his views on slavery, and whilst less outspoken about it, she always backs him up on the feeling.


Griselda is distinctly uncomfortable around Raphaela. The woman has everything Griselda does not. Griselda is comfortable around the other sailors because like her, their past has lost its importance. Griselda does not remember her own past, but most of the sailors have shed their former lives if they had one, so she does not feel too inadequate. Raphaela however is a more recent arrival and her name carries power, as do the memories of seeing her before she joined as crew, with the obvious wealth and influence. Furthermore, Raphaela is both impatient and haughty and rather difficult to approach for a common carpenter like Griselda, so she generally keeps out of Raphaela's way. She doesn't hate Rapahela but the woman makes her uncomfortable and feel inadequate. She also has the feeling that Raphaela is far more skilled with people than Griselda and doesn't like the idea of being caught up in something she doesn't understand.

Welcome aboard, I've created Griselda's threads in the character folder, things like character observations can be put in there.

Divinity, I always use purple... grrr....

Seriously though, I can probably use Blue for the Marlin, unless there are other objections.

Forgot to put his nickname in the title. it's in there. His name is Bryce, but everyone calls him Cricket.

welcome aurore!

Thank you Been wondering when I would end up in a game with you. I spotted several occasions where we shared interests but never quite made it into the same game.

Likewise! Funny that! It was good to see your app and I am glad you are on board I look forward to writing with you

Griselda is actually mistaken when she says ebony floats. I checked. its density is such that it will sink in water so yes it can be used as hooks

hmm. I might edit that in then. Make it so Griselda is stupid and make Raphaela feel better. lol. I thought Ebony sank. it's a rock hard. But I did not check as I was behind in my other games and had to make a post.

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